10 incredible buildings of the future

Modern architecture is amazing and fantastic! Many projects of future buildings are truly incredible and stunning. Their dimensions are immensely impressive.

We want to present the list of some projects of future buildings, so you can be ascertained that the future is near and it will be really grandiose.

Lotte World Tower
Lotte World Tower, South Korea
Suzhou Zhongnan Center
Suzhou Zhongnan Center, China
King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center
King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KARSARC), Saudi Arabia
World One
World One, India
Agora Garden
Agora Garden, Taiwan
Dubai Pearl
Dubai Pearl, United Arab Emirates
Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower, China
Kingdom Tower
Kingdom Tower, Saudi Arabia
Songjiang Hotel
Songjiang Hotel, China
Dawang Mountain Resort
Dawang Mountain Resort, China

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