10 random facts. March 2012

Do you know that if you start learning 10 facts every month in your twenties, you will know almost half a thousand facts in your sixties? Quite enough to impress the grandkids. Ok, I’m kidding here. This is just our new monthly at the Paradoxoff Planet—the ultimate collection of the most interesting, mind boggling and plain weird facts about almost any aspect of life on Earth. Here we go.

1. There’s no such specie as black panther

Black panther with a cub

The black panthers are not the real biological specie. They are just the common leopards or jaguars with the skin pigment condition called melanism, which is causing the dark coloring of the panthers’ fur. Melanism also occurs in many other mammals like squirrels and rabbits.

2. Here comes destruction

Destruction of cats. Photo by Julia Manzerova

One of the most amazing feature of the English language is the so-called “collective names”. Almost any animals have their very own collective name like the pack of wolves etc. The collective name for the feral cats is the destruction of cats.

3. Heavy metal is a natural resource

The number of heavy metal bands per capita

As in the case of the metal ores the heavy metal music is not evenly distributed on the Earth surface. Some countries have much more heavy metal bands than the others. And it seems the Scandinavians are the most heavy metal rich ones. Sweden and Finland in particular. Not a surprise they are exporting heavy music in bulk and controlling almost a quarter of all heavy metal bands on our planet.

4. Another way to learn the speed limit

Traffic lights

The yellow on American traffic lights is on for 1/10 of the speed limit in seconds. It means that if the speed limit is 45 miles per hour, the yellow on the traffic light on this portion of the road will be on for the four and a half seconds.

5. Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler

Picture (almost) unrelated, but who cares?

At the age of 21 Abraham Lincoln, one of the most popular American presidents, was a professional wrestler. He even won the local championship in his county in Illinois.

6. Collect your lucky charm

Four-leaf clover. Photo by Umberto Salvagnin

Finding the your-leaf clover is easy. They appears approximately 1 in 10000, so all you have to do is invest some time. The sec ond part of this fact: there people who collect the four-leaf clovers. One of the richest collections consists of 160000 four-leaf clovers. Unless you are extremely lucky, you will need to search though more than one and a half billion clovers to collect such amount of four-leaf plants.

7. MacDonald’s is ubiquitous

Cuba's only MacDonalds

This is one and only MacDonald’s on the communist ruled Cuba. It’s located in the Guantanamo Bay.

8. Crep…crep…crepitus

The cracking sound produced when you are bending your fingers is called crepitus. It doesn’t gives you arthritis—this is just a little air bubbles popping due to the changes in pressure inside the joint.

9. Righties and lefties

African elephant

Elephant are just like the humans could be right-handed or left-handed. But instead of hands, they are making preferences to either right or left tusk.

10. Now that’s the bridge

The projected bridge between US and Russia

In the 60’s there were the project of the gigantic bridge between Russia (the Soviet Union back then) and the United States.

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