11 things you didn’t know about Eskimos

Sometimes we hear stuff on the Internet about them but I’m pretty sure that if they asked you what you know about Eskimos, you will not know how to reply on this question even with a simple answer of their location or what the term ‘Eskimo’ means.

Eskimos are populated in the northern region from eastern Siberia in Russia, across Alaska in the United States, Canada, and Greenland. There are actually two main kinds of Eskimos that exist today and one of them is known as the Alaskan Inupiat peoples, Greenlandic Inuit, and the mass-grouping Inuit peoples of Canada. The others are located in eastern Siberia and Alaska and known as the Yupik. The term ‘Eskimo’ means “eaters of raw meat” and if you want to know more about the Eskimos and their lifestyle, just scroll down and find out the 11 things you didn’t know about them until today!

1. Eskimos ‘kiss’ with rubbing their noses together or smelling their cheeks as a sign of affection

2. They’re the healthiest people in the World thanks to their diet. Their meals are mostly contained by meat and occasionally some berries or seaweed because of the high prices of importing food
3. Their igloos are built with other building materials except snow as you thought
4. They have a mythological monster that scares people, especially children called ‘Qalupalik’
5. There are also blonde hair Eskimos
6. They still use weapons made from wood and stone
7. Eskimos are creative people because of their ability to use animal skin for making masks, clothes and etc.
8. They get married by the age of 15-16
9. They still use sleds driven by dogs as a way of transport
10. Eskimos invented the Kayak which is still used world wide today
11. They skin the animals; make their own clothes from their skin and meals from the meat and all of this makes them the best survivors in the world

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