11 Things you didn’t know about Red Panda

We’re sure that you already know that Red Panda is the cutest animal on Earth by the cover picture but these are those 11 things about these adorable animals you don’t know and you will find out if you just scroll down and continue reading!

You will probably want a pet like this at home after seeing our little collection of photos down bellow and you can adopt one here and help to save these endangered spices from extinction. As you can see, red pandas are small mammals with long, fluffy tails and red and white markings. Though they share a name with the more famous giant panda, they are not closely related. Now it’s time you scroll down and find out more about these creatures that will definitely make you fall in love with them at first sight!

1. Red Pandas love to eat sweet food
2. They’re basically herbivores and their diet is consist of bamboo leaves, occasional fruit, nuts, flowers and rarely odd eggs or birds
3. Red Pandas tweet but not on Twitter! They tweet nonetheless
4. They’re slightly bigger than your cat but with tail that’s 28-59 cm long
5. They live solitary lives in trees, high up in the mountains, so they wrap their big, bushy tails around themselves to keep warm and also to keep balance
6. They have false thumb which in fact is an extended wrist bone
7. Firefox Mozilla in fact means ‘Red Panda’ and in 2010 Mozilla adopted two baby red pandas that had been born at Tennessee’s Knoxville Zoo
8. According to the World Wildlife Fund, Red Pandas are vulnerable and there are around 2.400 adult red pandas left in the wild
9. Their lifespan is from 8 to 12 years but some of them can live to 15 years
10. September 20th is International Red Panda’s day
11. Did we mention they’re absolutely adorable?

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