13 American products that are extremely popular in other countries

For many Americans these products are quite ordinary. In other countries people are obsessed with them.

We present to you a list of American products that are absolutely mind blowing across the ocean, but in United States people hardly notice them.

Red Solo Cups
1. Red Solo Cups in Europe
Married With Children
2. Married With Children in Russia
3. SPAM in Guam
North Face
4. North Face in South Korea
Reusable Shopping Bags
5. Reusable Shopping Bags in Japan
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
6. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer in China
John Ritter
7. John Ritter in Middle Eastern countries
Jerry Lewis
8. Jerry Lewis in France
Grape Kool-Aid
9. Grape Kool-Aid in Germany
Convenience Stores
10. Convenience Stores in Taiwan
11. PB&J
Music Industry
12. Music Industry
13. Burgers

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