15 Cute Mini Horses

These beautiful cuties usually don’t reach the height of 86 cm. They are very friendly and sociable.

Mini horses were firstly breeded in Europe in the 1600’s. Aristocracy usually kept them as pets. Sometimes these adorable miniature creatures worked in the coalmines due to their small size. Today mini horses are sometimes used to help little children make first steps in equestrian or assist people with disabilities. That’s why they are perfect friends with merciful and responsive hearts.

Baby mini horse
1. Baby mini horse.
Image source: boredpanda
Two little fellows
2. Two little fellows.
Image source: boredpanda
Best friend
3. Best friend.
Image source: imgur
Mimi jumps
4. Mimi jumps.
Image source: 500.px
Find 10 differences
5. Find 10 differences.
Image source: imgur
True love
6. True love.
Image source: imgur
Best friend on the watch
7. Best friend on the watch.
Image source: boredpanda
Handsome on the walk
8. Handsome on the walk.
Image source: imgur
9. Cuties.
Image source: boredpanda
Teddy bear and mini horse
10. Teddy bear and mini horse.
Image source: boredpanda
Sleeping baby
11.Sleeping baby.
Image source: imgur
Let's talk
12.Let’s talk.
Image source: boredpanda
Awesome mane
13. Awesome mane.
Image source: boredpanda
Happy owner of tiny horse
14. Happy owner of tiny horse.
Image source: horsebreedsinfo
Veterinar rescued abandoned mini horse
15. Veterinar rescued abandoned mini horse.
Image source: @karabshilling

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