15 strange things ever seen on Google Earth

With Google Earth you can travel around the world and see many interesting places.

We want to present to you some crazy things and places, which you can see via Google Earth. Watch them and find out how the world varies when viewed from above.

Sunken battleship
1. Sunken battleship
Pink bunny
2. Pink bunny
Sunken Italian cruise liner
3. Sunken Italian cruise liner
Graveyard for airplanes
4. Graveyard for airplanes
Very strange company
5. Very strange company
Place of murder or just a wet dog
6. Place of murder or just a wet dog
Herd of elephants
7. Herd of elephants
8. Museum
Where's Waldo?
9. Where’s Waldo?
10. Stampede
Big kind heart
11. Big kind heart
12. Lips
Giant KFC logo
13. Giant KFC logo
14. Signs
15. Lion

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