20 awesome cupcake ideas

For more than two centuries people are enjoying the tiny flour and sugar delights. The food, that is special in so many ways that it stands out of the rest of the cookbook.

First of all, cupcakes are in the middle between two worlds: pastry-cooking and visual arts. The second, they are one of the few foods you are not supposed to share with others. And the third, cupcakes can be tailored to perfectly fit any holiday, anniversary or memorable events.

Also, cupcakes are one of those things which are easy to learn (but hard to master). Anyone with the very basic cooking skills can bake one or two and they will be pretty good. But to bake the perfect cupcakes you will need all your knowledge, all your experience and a lot of inspiration.

1. Hamburger cupcakes. Photo by Cupcakes Queen

2. Dr. Seuss themed cupcakes

3. Dinner cupcakes

4. Irish Monkey cupcakes

5. Butterfly cupcakes

6. Minecraft cupcakes

7. Periodic table cupcakes

8. Another take on periodic table cupcakes

9. Star Wars cupcakes

10. Pi cupcakes

11. Van Gogh's Starry Night cupcakes

12. Rainbow cupcakes

13. Zoo cupcakes. Photo by Don Buciak II

14. Eyes cupcakes

15. St. Patric's Day cupcakes. Photo by Liana Stevens, Star Bakery

16. Rose petals shaped cupcakes. Photo by Liana Stevens, Star Bakery

17. Sesame Street inspired cupcakes. Photo by Robyn Lee

18. Strawberry cupcakes

19. Walking Dead cupcakes

20. Pool cupcakes

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