20 great home office ideas

Working from home have a lot of benefits. You can save for yourself up to several hours of commute time. Spare yourself from the rush hour traffic jams. Save a little fortune on official attire and even a bigger fortune on gas (which is beneficial for the planet Earth as well).

However, it will demand a lot from you. Being so close to the sources of distraction like kids, pets, video games or refrigerator it would be really hard to concentrate on actually doing your job. And your boss won’t appear behind your back to motivate you. You will have to cope with the procrastination all alone.

That’s why the home office setup and even home office interior design is so important. Here are some bright ideas to fuel your imagination.

1. Simplistic home office design. The walls are decorated with the A4-sized photos just pined to the surface. If you make a lot of photos and owning a good inkjet printer, you can do it yourself for virtually free

2. The desk built-in into the niche

3. Specious desk and a wide window

4. Artistic working corner with the hardwood desk

5. Be your own boss home office

6. Clean and simple

7. Mac lover home office

8. White and polka dots decorated home office

9. Country style home office for two. Great idea if you want to work with your spouse

10. Home office in the rooftop apartments. The view out of the window should be gorgeous

11. Table: the bigger—the better

12. You just can't go wrong with black

13. Glass table with a lot of space underneath to stretch the legs

14. Large angled table

15. Simple and convenient Mac setup with the Adobe Illustrator painting on the wall next to the window

16. Spacious heavy oak table and shelves. Comfy and warm countryside styling

17. Theatrically looking home office desk

18. Tiny room home office

19. Pretty average glass table have enough room for the two-monitor setup and an iPad with keyboard

20. The dream setup for the Microsoft Flight Simulator fan

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