20 greatest zombie makeups

Zombies horror flicks became insanely popular in the late 60’s thanks to George Romero and his classic Night of the Living Dead. Since that time zombies have become the part of our common culture. Hardly there is any year when another zombie apocalypse movie doesn’t hit the theaters. Thousands of video games are built upon the killing the dead who are surprisingly lively for their medical condition. In many cities around the globe the people dressed like zombies are parading every year.

It’s not hard to tear some clothes and put some fake blood on your face, but the really good zombie makeup take time, patience, mastery and a lot of creativity. Here are the best examples of the brilliant zombie-themed makeups.

1. Awesome zombie makeup from the Zombie Walk in Madrid in 2011. Photo by Zumito

2. A can in the head zombie makeup shot at the Paris 2009 Zombie Walk by Philippe Leroyer

3. Fairy zombie at Toronto 2011 Zombie Walk. Photo by Jackman Chiu

4. A very detailed zombie makeup

5. Disgustingly great zombie makeup. Shot by Jackman Chiu at Toronto 2011 Zombie Walk

6. From the Asbury Park 2009 Zombie Walk. Photo by Bob Jagendorf

7. Zombie clown. Photo by Jackman Chiu

8. Military zombie makeup and costume. Madrid 2011. Photo bu Zumito

9. Great zombie makeup at Toronto 2009 Zombie Walk. Photo by Eric Parker

10. Full face zombie makeup. Photo by Ramiro Moyano

11. Stabbed nurse makeup. Photo Eric Parker

12. Screwdriver in the head makeup at the Fremont Zombie Walk 2007. Photo by Kelly Bailey

13. Bottle to the head makeup at the São Paolo 2010 Zombie Walk shot by William Droops

14. Keyboard zombie at the San Diego 2010 Zombie Walk. Photo by Nathan Rupert

15. Zombie reporter at the Toronto Zombie Walk 2008. Photo by Sam Javanrouh

16. Book in the head makeup at the Toronto Zombie Walk 2008. Photo by Sam Javanrouh

17. Chewed off hand zombie makeup at the Toronto Zombie Walk 2009. Photo by Josh Jensen

18. Zombie Supergirl and Superman. Photo by San Diego Shooter

19. Zombie dog at the Pittsburgh Zombie Walk 2010. Photo by the Cory Cousins

20. Half face zombie makeup

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