Elektronika MK-152 programmable calculator from the year 2007

Elektronika MK-152 Russian programmable calculator from the year 2007

Don’t be fooled if you will be offered Elektronika MK-152 programmable calculator in the antiques store. This isn’t something from the late 70’s. This is the newly announced (November, 2007) model of Russian programmable calculator.

Elektronika MK-152 is a bargain deal. For just 3800 Russian rubles ($154 U.S. dollars) you’ll get non-portable (no batteries at all, just plug the power cord into the wall to turn it on) 900 grams (2 lbs.) programmable calculator with the futuristic style “sensor” keypad, monochrome 128*64 LCD (three times smaller than the screen of the average modern mobile phone) and half a megabyte of memory (literally, 512 kilobytes).

More specs:

  • RAM = 10 000 bytes (9.5 kilobytes)
  • Built-in simple to learn programming language
  • Up to ten thousand lines of code in each program

Hmm… I guess there is a hole in the time space continuum somewhere in Russia.

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