Playing World of Warcraft on Asus eeePC

A guy from the running World Of Warcraft heavy MMORPG game on his Asus eeePC 701 ultra mobile notebook (which is often called mininote for its modest size and weight). Of cause the eeePC he’s got for it is not the cheapest one. This is 4G model with 2Gb RAM. Also he have used a special software to overclock the CPU and boost 7″ LCD resolution to 800*600.

But it’s work. World of Warcraft runs 8 frames per second – pretty nice for grinding or auctioning on the go.

Zimbabwe Inflation

Zimbabwe inflation

10 million Zimbabwean dollars and the grocery market prices in Harare. Photos by Bishop Asare / EFE and Reuters respectively.

Being under the Mugabe’s regime for over a twenty years Zimbabwe (a not so small and pretty populated African country situated to the north of South Africa) experienced the most crazy inflation in XXI century word. In the March, 2008 the black market price of the US dollar jumps from 25 million Zimbabwean dollars to almost 90 million!

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Even radios go natural

Natural radio design by Cheol-Ki Jo

The Natural Radio concept designed by Cheol-Ki Jo has a brand new look at the user interface. Instead of pushing buttons or turning dials you need to put some stones on the stylish wooden scales to control the frequency and volume.

This radio would look great in the stone massage practitioner’s office but I think it’s just too quirky.


What’s causing traffic jams

This is time lapse webcam looking at the heavy loaded traffic roundabout in the center of Romanian capital city of Bucharest. Some bright minded guy on the SUV wanted to save a couple of seconds trying to overtake the stream driving by the tram line. Bad luck! He has lost a couple of hours and blocked the trams. I won’t be surprised at all if he was beaten by the trams’ passengers.

Czech sewage pump truck

Your crap - our joy

Czech sewage collection and disposal service has a wonderful slogan printed in big brown letters on the sewage pump trucks: Vase Hovno Nase Radost. It means ‘Your crap – Our joy’.