How To Horseshoe A Horseshoe Horse?

Horse statue made of horseshoes, Alabama US

The ideas are floating around in the air. Any ideas. Even the idea of making a horse statue of horseshoes. Above is a horseshoe horse from Alabama, USA. And below is the same idea materialized in Germany. Look similar, aren’t they?

Horse statue made of horseshoes in Germany

Wang Dalin Bee-keeper From China

Wang Dalin - chinese bee-keeper

This is Wang Dalin – a bee-keeper form the Hubei province of continental China. Here he is depicted standing with his lovely wife in a fancy brown suit… oh wait, his suit is alive and made of thousands of bees! Photos by CFP.

Elevator Service Company

Elevator service company entrance

Entrance to the elevator service company office somewhere in Russia. Photo by NL. Creative and environmentally savvy.

Stella Deneb

Stella Deneb - largest livestock carrier

Stella Deneb is the largest livestock carrier in the world. It can hold and successfully transfer to another continent as much as twenty one thousands heads of horned cattle and as a little add-on 2564 sheep and goats.

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Attractive Decay of Plane Graveyards

It’s weird but a lot of people find decaying handmade artifacts attractive. And it’s easy to understand why. All that abandoned buildings, rusting machinery and mossy ruins are hiding their mysteries. Every one of them has a long story behind, deep under the layers of dust of times past.

Fortunately, there are a lot of places in the internet where such things are being carefully collected and systematized. And here is one of those: Artificial Owl.

Plane buried in sands

Unmarked plane buried in the sands of west Mexican coast. Most probably, it was narco-trafficer’s emergency landing. No one knows what happened to the crew (and a cargo) next.

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Airplane In The House

It’s quite logical. If you can’t flight on an airplane anymore you can still use it for good. Why waste so precious and fascinating ready to go housing material?

One retired pilot from Glattbrugg, Switzerland has built his fancy Runway 34 restaurant around the old Ilyushin 14 turboprop.

Runway 34 restaurant - Ilyushin 14

Now this is the last airplane in Europe where you are allowed to smoke.

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