CRT Display Aquarium

The idea of transforming old and outdated computer into new and trendy looking aquarium isn’t new. There are a couple of companies specializing on the refurbishing old Apple Mac desktops into so called Macquariums. The PC users aren’t going to stay aside too. Here a nice DIY example of turning old Samsung CRT display by Da SecondCat:

CRT display aquarium
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Moscow Metro Subway

Moscow Metro — one of the world’s biggest and most heavy used metropolitan transportation system. Every single day from seven to ten million people are descending to the underground to get to work, home or any other place within the twelve million city. That makes the Moscow Metro the city itself, with the streets — tunnels and building — metro cars. The street scenes in this city are pretty spectacular sometimes. Here a lot of candid photos:

Moscow metro sleeper

Got respect for the sleepers, for the acrobat-sleepers particularly.

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