Gold-plated SMG

Who wants to do a drive-by with style? Russian bros could help. They love their guns in gold and leather, just look at Ramzan Kadyrov – he knows how to handle it.

Ramzan Kadyrov golden gun

But if the semi-auto is not enough for you, they have something more powerful up their sleeves…

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New Technologies, Old Habits

For a hundred years by now apt and frugal people were using old newspapers to wrap the books and protect them while reading outside on a plain air or during a trip.

Keep your e-ink book reader secure

The times are changing. And technologies, they are changing too. But the human habits, those are remaining. If you are not sure about weather conditions outside or how clean your hands will be during the trip, do the same your grandparents did – wrap your fancy e-ink electronic book reader in an old newspaper.

Magic Tap

Here at Paradoxoff Planet we have wrote about “Magic Tap” fountains not so long ago. But I have found another great example today. And it seems it’s quite old.

Magic tap fountain

It works the same way as the previously posted fountains: the tap itself is held in the air by the steel pillar hidden inside the falling water. As you can see there is no magic here, just a lot of creativity and imagination.