Viagra Soap

Pfizer soap boxPharmaceuticals companies like Pfizer (Viagra manufacturer) are taking advertising really seriously. When they say that the lion share of the pills price you pay is going to cover their investments in research, development and testing of the thousands of the new drugs they are – well, not lying – they aren’t telling the whole truth. And the truth is that a lot of money you pay for your pills is being spent on every kind of advertisement available on a market. Even for such renowned drugs like Viagra. And here is a very little example – the large Viagra pill shaped chunk of soap from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. More photos here, at Paradoxoff Planet:

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Weird Mechanical Man?

This picture that looks strangely fascinating, frustrating and scarry in the same time isn’t a scene from a kinki sci-fi movie about shadow government ruling the world with the help of finely craftyed mechanical golems. This is actual photo from the Popular Science magazine (issue Jan, 1964). It depicts two technicians preparing mechanically animated caveman figure for the exhibition at the 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair. More photos from the Popular Science here:

animated caveman
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