Cigarette pack warnings

European regulations obligating tobacco manufacturers to put not only the predefined list of text warnings on their cigarette packs but also to corroborate them with the rather graphic images. These regulations raise some questions: Whether such measures can actually help someone to quit smoking? Or is it affects only teenagers who have not started smoking yet but are in the group of risk due to social pressure? Or is it just another illusion of control? However, what regulations really did is build up a whole new field for creativity.

Warning, cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease.

Warning, cigarettes are addictive.

Warning, tobacco smoke can harm your children.

Warning, cigarettes cause fatal lung disease.

Warning, cigarettes cause cancer.

Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby.

Warning, smoking can kill you.

Warning, tobacco smoke causes fatal lung disease in nonsmokers.

Warning: Quitting smoke now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.

These should be posted on the walls of addiction rehabs. Totally motivating.


If you are living in a big city you are probably seen pomelo fruit in the supermarket. It’s quite noticeable – at least twice bigger than grapefruit, pale greenish. Perhaps you even know how it tastes – sweet with a slight hint of bitterness and aroma so strong you can barely peel it without gathering all your homies in the kitchen.

Being as healthy as grapefruit but much sweeter, pomelo is gaining popularity worldwide these days. And it means you should know it better.

What’s interesting about pomelo is that the fruits which could be seen in the supermarket are quite small ones. There are records of pomelos as heavy as 33 pounds (more than ten kilos). In Latin it’s called Citrus Maxima – the Great Citrus.

How to peel pomelo

Second interesting fact about pomelo is that most people in the Western Hemisphere are peeling it wrong. They cut the fruit in quarters and then cut off its thick pudgy rind. The right way to peel pomelo is to cut off its top first and then make a dozen of long but shallow (not deeper than a half of an inch) cuts from top to bottom of the fruit. After that you will be able to pull the rind down revealing the golden flesh.

The third fact about pomelo is that its peel make a great hats for cats and some people.

Aircraft liveries

Aircraft livery is a color scheme and drawings painted on the aircraft’s fuselage, tail fin and sometimes wings. For more than half a century of civil jet aviation history aircraft were modestly painted. Polished steel in the middle of the last was later, closer to the end of the century, substituted by white. But in any times there were liveries that were turning aircrafts into the flying masterpieces.

Kulula Air is a South African low-cost airline. Their aircrafts are flying all across the southern half of the African continent and almost every jet plane is painted in their own unique livery. This one is called Camoplane and even bears a slogan on the fuselage: “No one saw us coming”.

Flymango is another one South African low-cost airline. As well as Kulula, they are also painted their website address on the brightly colored fuselage turning their planes into the flying advertisements.

Australian Qantas Airlines and Malaysia Air both love the red color in their Boeing 747’s painting since red is their corporate color. However Qantas painted its 747 with kangaroos and Malaysians — with more widespread poppies.

Japan celebrates its one of the most successful exports — Pokemon animated series with a Pokemon themed jet plane livery.

Alaska Airlines answers “We’re going to Disneyland” with their Disney themed jet.

Turboprops could be colorful too. Here is another Alaska/Horizon example.

Sometimes airlines are giving a totemic animal to every plane. Just like these shark, bull and croc planes of AeroSur. They even have their own names: Sharco, Jacaré (Crocodile) and Super Torismo.

AutoExec Wheelmate prank

This is the sad story of one steering wheel desk prank or how the Customer product images feature turn bad for the product.

AutoExec auto accessories supplier decided to advertise its product — Wheelmate Steering Wheel Desk Tray — in the social networks. It’s so popular now. And the AutoExec is a modern company — they are selling their products through Amazon and quite big on the internet. So, they have put a paid link to their product (said steering wheel desk) on the Reddit. What would went wrong?

The image above is the original seller’s image of the product. Below — the images uploaded to Amazon by the angry Reddit users who were outraged by the small text ad on their beloved social network website.