SUV stuck across the archway

Mystery, sometimes you can meet it where you would never expect it to fit in.

The woman who was driving the red SUV somehow managed to get stuck her car right across the narrow archway under the apartment block.

SUV got stuck across the narrow archway

The red SUV vehicle got stuck perfectly perpendicular to the archway’s walls. It was 15 cm (6”) from the front of the car to the wall, and less than 10 cm (4”) from the rear end of the car to the other wall.

SUV stuck perfectly tight between the walls of the narrow archway

Nobody knows how this woman has managed to do the trick without getting a single scratch on her (rather expensive) car. There are two major versions about it:

The first one says that the group of youngsters decided to prank this woman for whatever reason. They have blocked the car midways under the archway and than manually turned it 90 degrees.

The second version says the woman has used a handbrake turn technique for whatever reason and managed to slide her car sideways into the middle of the archway.

London ATM speaks Cockney

Some ATMs in London have the Cockney (besides, obviously, English) as the language option. Cockney is a kind of rhyming slang and the most famous (mostly, for its incomprehensibility) English dialect.

Cockney language option on the ATM in London

So how it would look like if you will choose Cockney as the ATM language?

Amounts of cash spelled in Cockney on the ATM in London

Every amount of cash you can get from the ATM has its own name. Five pounds referred as “Lady Godiva”, because it’s rhyming with “fiver”. Ten is Speckled hen (rhyme!).

Fifteen pounds is doubled as “Commodore”. Don’t look for the rhyme here: £15 is three times £5 or three times “Lady Godiva”. There used to be a rock band in London, The Commodores, and they have a song “Three times a lady”. Cool, isn’t it?

Twenty—Horn of Plenty. But twenty five pounds is… Pony. Why? The most popular version says that in the 19th century the Indian banknote worth 25 rupees has the pony depicted on it. British soldiers who have coming back from India brought this slang home.

Thirty—dirty. Have you ever heard “Dirty thirty”? Now you know from where it come from.

£40—Double Top. The Double Top refers to the space at the top of a dart board which gets you double 20 points.

The Nifty rhymes perfectly well with fifty. And this is the end of the story, because British ATMs won’t give you more than nifty-fifty pounds (US$80) in one transaction. United Kingdom has the worst crime rate in Europe, so limiting the maximum amount of cash withdrawal allowed per transaction in ATMs is their way to keep you from being robbed.

Dexter Kill Room prank

Have you ever wished to have roommates like these? Just imagine, you are going out of town for a few weeks and they are, rather than throwing the parties in your room, turning it into the scene from the Dexter TV show. How would you feel, when you will discover your room to look exactly like Dexter’s Kill Room?

Dexter Kill Room prank. Before and after

Here is how it looks like. Before and after the “lift up”. And how it should look like (some shots from the show):

Dexter. A couple of shots from the show

The guy who have been pranked said that it was the best surprise he have ever had. The prankers even set up the music from the show to play in the room and told the prankee that they are watching show so he wouldn’t ask any questions before walking in into his room.

So how do you make the Dexter’s Kill Room?

The process of making the Dexter Kill Room prank

And here is the result.

Behold the ultimate prank of Dexter Kill Room

Cars fell through the ice

To hold the man the ice must be at least four inches thick. If the ice is strong enough and doesn’t going to break right away, four inches is enough to hold the average 80 kilos man standing on his two feet.

The small sedan or hatchback car like Toyota Corolla weights about 3000 lbs. (usually less than 1500 kilos)—just like eighteen average men, but it stands on the ice on its four wheels generating less pressure on the surface of ice. To hold a compact sedan the ice must be from eight to twelve inches thick.

However, most of the time the ice on the lake or river is covered with a snow. There are not much compact sedans over there you can drive in the deep snow, so you will need a bigger car. Bigger means heavier, like a truck or SUV. These do weigh more than two thousand kilos (up to three thousand sometimes). The ice must be 12—16 inches thick to hold such vehicles.

Pretty simple, huh? Local newspapers or radio stations are always publicize the ice thickness data for every significant lakes or rivers in the area—so you can be sure if it safe to park on the ice. Otherwise, you will end up like these guys.

Trucks fell through the ice on Alaska

Oh, Alaska! Such accidents are pretty common here. The cars are falling through the ice every single winter in dozens.

The car half buried in the ice on Alaskan lake

Pickup truck and SUV half sunk in the ice

Truck fell into the icehole

Truck fell into the icehole on the frozen river in Siberia. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

SUVs fell through the ice

Ice is a serious business. Don't drive on ice.

Ice is a serious business. Don’t drive on ice.

Half sunk Ford on Alaskan Flat lake
The couple is being rescued from the roof of his truck fell through the ice

It’s good when the help is near and you won’t freeze to death on the roof of your own truck that was felt through the ice on the lake. These couple was forced to move to the truck’s roof by the rising water when their truck fell through the ice on the Flat lake in Alaska. It was -5F (-20C) outside. They were really lucky the local fire brigade have managed to rescue them in no time.

Kids ruined everything

Some people love the kids so much so it seams sometimes like they are ready to forgive them everything. But, I guess, there are no people who wouldn’t need a minute to calm down and accept the damage as something inevitable.

Those kids, they are like a natural disaster, like a hurricane, like an earthquake and volcano eruption. There is no room to withstand their almighty force of destruction.

Kids ruined lamp and sofa

Kids ruined kitchen, wall and own kids room

Three kids ruined bathroom

Kids ruined fishtank nearly killed all the fishes, the sofa also have been destroyed

Prosthetic leg airbrush artwork

The Australian guy nicknamed CaptainCripple has lost his leg a year ago in the motorcycle accident. And I should say that this guy is a real badass. He doesn’t fell into depression, but rather made the best of it. Now, as he said, his prosthetic limb has become the perfect conversation starter with the ladies at the bar.

Several days ago he totally nailed it with the help of Stuart Wimpani—Australian airbrush artist, who has made CaptainCripple’s prosthetic leg an artistic touch. Source.

Prosthetic leg artwork

Airbrushed prosthetic leg

Painted prosthetic limb

Airbrush painting on prosthetic leg

How Japan has prepared for tsunamis

Devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan yesterday on March 11 2011. There are still a lot of missing people to be found and a lot of damaged infrastructure to be restored. But it’s certainly clear that the magnitude 8.9 quake—one of the most powerful in the recorded history of the whole planet—with the epicenter so close to the most densely populated area of the planet haven’t caught Japan unprepared.

Japan’s strict building codes made even the skyscrapers on Shinjuku to withstand the quake. Constant drills and full access to ongoing information helped people to act calmly and reasonably.

So what exactly helped people of Japan to survive the devastating tsunami and disastrous earthquake?

Areas that are prone to tsunamis are protected by the special anti-tsunami facilities or tall anti-tsunami walls. Like this one 10m high wall in Tarou:

Anti-tsunami wall in Tarou

Or a smaller one in Kamakuri:

Anti-tsunami wall in Kamakuri

The coastal areas are covered with signs. Some of them just advice to be careful about tsunamis but most signs provide pretty detailed instruction, saying what to do and where to go in case of tsunami.

Tsunami warning signs could be simple or very detailed

Tsunami evacuation sign on the sidewalk

Be careful to tsunamis

In case of tsunami. Move to higher places to avoid Tsunami.

Tsunami warning sign: Immediately evacuate quickly!

Safety evacuation area for tsunami sign

Caution tsunami hazard area

This sign is using famous classic Japan painting “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai.

Tsunami warning and evacuation route sign

Tsunami evacuation area map sign

In case of earthquake be cautious of tsunami. Evacuate immediately from the beach in case of unusual appearance.

Tsunami warning for kids

Japan earthquake photos

Today on March 11 2011 in 14:45 Japan was struck by the most powerful earthquake (8.9) in the last three hundred years. The tsunami that has followed has devastated the Japan Sendai shore and almost all Pacific side of Japan.

Smoke is visible in Tokyo right after the earthquake.

Smoke is visible in Tokyo right after the earthquake.

Huge fireball in Tokyo after the March 11 2011 earthquake. Chiba oil refinery.

Huge fireball in Tokyo after the March 11 2011 earthquake. Most probably this is a devastating fire on the oil refinery in Chiba, on the outskirts of the greater Tokyo.

People in Tokyo are calmly waiting on the streets after initial shock. There were some aftershocks.

Devastated office somewhere in Japan right after the earthquake

Crashed office furniture in the Tokyo office center after the earthquake

Crashed office furniture in one of the Tokyo office centers after the earthquake. Note the TV with the earthquake footage on the screen. The power is still on.

Japan earthquake aftermath. Devastated office in Tokyo.

Fire and smoke rise in the vicinity of Tokyo Japan several hours after the powerful earthquake

Fire and smoke rise in the vicinity of Tokyo Japan several hours after the powerful earthquake.

People of Japan are watching news on TV  in a Tokyo mall

People of Japan are watching news on TV in a Tokyo mall.

Streets of japan after the quake

Cars swept by tsunami in Japan

Passengers are looking at the deluged airport in Sendai, Japan

Passengers are looking at the deluged airport in Sendai, Japan.

Tokyo tower tip bent a little due to the quake.

Tokyo tower tip bent a little due to the quake.

Fire in the houses flooded by tsunami in Miyagi Prefecture

Fire in the houses flooded by tsunami in Miyagi Prefecture near the Sendai airport (which is now flooded). Photo courtesy of Kyodo News.


Scania is the southernmost province of Sweden. The Swedes call it Skane. But being the southernmost location of Sweden and all Scandinavia is not the only interesting thing about it.

Scania is considered to be the heart of Scandinavia. Probably the most beautiful land there after the Norwegian fjords. And it’s true in any season and in any weather condition. It doesn’t matter if the sky is blue or grey, the fields, the hills, the woods of Scania is always waiting for you to capture the perfect landscape.

Scania in spring. Landscape with the yellow field and the red barn in the background.

Scania in summer. Rural landscape with the wind turbine.

Scania in autumn. Photo by Krister P ( Skivarp Windmill.

Scania in winter. Photo by Krister P ( 12th century Scandinavian church.

However, Scania doesn’t only consists of the rural areas with its barns, fields an windmills. There are also a hundreds of towns, most of them are over thousand years old which makes the whole area a bit like an open air Scandinavian architecture museum.

Photo by Fjalar Jorundsson. The town mill in Scania.

Malmo is the biggest city of Scania and the home for the most well known landmark of the region—The Turning Torso—the highest skyscraper in Scandinavia. It was built in 2006 by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The Turning Torso is the residential building and you can rent an apartment (which are range from 45 to 190 square meters) for less than $375 U.S. Dollars per square meter per year.

The Turning Torso

Photo by Mark Finney. The view of the Turning Torso from the Neptuna apartments block yard in Malmo.

But, of course, the Turning Torso is no the only thing Scania and Malmo can be proud of: there are a lot of wonderful things to see in Malmo—like the fiftinth century Malmo castle—and in the rest of the Scania.

Photo by Sigurd R. Malmo castle in summer.

Photo by Martin A a.k.a. Mr.Skaune. Winter lanscape in Scania.

Photo by Martin A a.k.a. Mr.Skaune. Winter alley somewhere in Scania.

Scania even has its own version of the Stonehenge. It called Ales Stenar or Ale’s stones. The boat shaped stone structure was built by the vikings in the early Iron Age. However, nobody knows why did they built it.

Ales Stenar or Ales Stones

Ales Stenar in snow. Photo by Jenny Karlsson.

Impaled cars

Australians love Speed Kills signs so much that they have renamed a small town of Speed (population 45) into SpeedKills last month. To make the message even more graphic they have impaled a car with a rail, perhaps, in order to remind to the flying-by reckless drivers what could happen if they won’t slow down a bit.

Australian speed kills sign impaled car

When the Ozzies can’t find a rail long enough to impale a car with it, they are tying the car (with the obligatory Speed Kills in bold, red letters on it) to a tree branch. There are few trees over there but those few are strong enough to hold the weight of the white Ghostbusters style endloader on the branch—impressive.

Australian speed kills sign as a car tied to a tree branch

Well, the widely known since its appearance in the Wayne’s World movie landmark of the suburban Chicago—the Car Kabob officially known as the Spindle was dismantled back in 2008 to make space for the drug store. And all we have to do is to put all our hopes on Ozzies. Who else will impale the cars for us to watch?

The Spindle or The Car Kabob

May be, China? Cai Guo-Qiang has impaled Ford Taurus with the dozens of LED tubes and hang it in the Seatle Art Meuseum. Not so fierce as in Chicago or Australia but definitely more “artistic”.

impaled ford taurus