Plastic clamshell frustration

The thick transparent plastic package most commonly dubbed as the clamshell is a very popular way to keep the broad variety of consumer goods on the store shelves for the two decades by now. Today this type of package has been spread across the globe and almost blew the traditional cardboard package out of the water for the small electronics, accessories and tools. Also, in these long twenty years, the whole generation of people grew up who hate this type of package more than Hitler.

Plastic clamshells are hard to open

The original idea behind the transparent plastic clamshell was pretty good: to give the manufacturers the package that would make their products easily researchable by the potential customers in the self-service retail outlets that were emerging these days, and in the same time make the product hard to steal in order to incentivize retailer to grant its customers unobtrusive access to the clamshelled product.

Hard plastic clamshells fit this niche perfectly. Both goals were 100% achieved. In the beginning of the plastic clamshell expansion as a common package nobody noticed the evil that was hiding inside the indestructibly sealed plastic case. The Pandora’s Box has been opened. Like the deadly virus on the loose, plastic clamshells were released into the wild to prevent us from getting our hard earned cables, earbuds, thumb-drives, tools etc.

Plastic clamshell package is a constnt source of frustration

Plastic package and the broken scissors

It was hard to open

And the tools to open the clamshells are hard to open most of the time

Plastic clamshell openning fail

FOIL method prank

College is the only time when you have enough time to do anything and no money to do nothing. Well, if you are creative enough you will definitely find something to do with all that free time. It’s not how much money you have, it’s all about the imagination… And a level of boredom, of course.

Exampli gratia, you can get a couple of aluminum foil rolls and try to explain the FOIL method to your roommate. I guess, he will get it, and your help with the Math course will be greatly appreciated.

Covering everything in the room, or cubicle, or any other closed space with the aluminum foil is not a new prank. But listen, the good prank is always a good prank, no matter how old it is. Also, this one is executed in the best manner possible.

FOIL method prank

The room covered in foil

Every single book is covered in foil

Everything in the room was covered in foil

All the walls and all the furnoiture in covered in foil too

Keyboard covered in aluminum foil

Seal in the Tallinn Bay

The Estonian photojournalist Jarek Jõepera was walking along the shore of the bay in the Estonian capital Tallinn when he spotted something interesting on the ice. It was in the Admiralty Basin, right in the center of the modern European city. The solitary seal was lying on the ice of the frozen bay not far from the shore. It was napping. But soon after Jarek Joepera has started to take pictures, the seal woke up, caught a small flounder and ate it not without a fight. Look for more pictures at the Jarek’s photoblog.

Seal in the Tallinn Bay

Seal on the ice of Admiralty Basin

Seal has caught a flounder

Seal eating a flounder

Iceland Geothermal Power Plant

Iceland, a small island-state freezing in the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, plays a leading role in the world of geothermal energy. In the past two decades five major geothermal power plants have been built on the island. Now those power plants providing quoter of the Iceland’s energy and supplying almost all buildings in the country with the heat and hot water.

Geothermal energy considered to be clean and environmentally friendly. However, the average amount of greenhouse gases emission per kWh of power produced is just a three-five times lower than that of the natural gas power plants and much greater that that of the atomic power plants. The good thing is that geothermal power is certainly sustainable, because no fuel of any kind needed and the source of the energy—the heat of the Earth core—is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Besides that, the geothermal power plants are just beautiful. Mostly, because they are strategically placed in the areas of high vulcanism, among the volcanoes and the geyser fields. Here are some photos of the most well known Icelandic geothermal power plant—Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station.

Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station

Nesjavellir power plant birds view

Nesjavellir power plant and surrounding landscape

The view on the Nesjavellir geothermal power plant

Nesjavellir power station in Winter

Geothermal power plant facilities

Geothermal power plant machines

Geothermal energy machinery

Japanese Energy Saving Posters

After the devastating earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011, subsiquent tsunami damaged the cooling system of the Fukushima Daiichi atomic power plant. More than a month passed since that time and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is still fighting to keep the situation with nuclear reactors of the Fukushima Daiichi from coming down to the worst scenario.

Quite a lot of troubles for the pretty small country’s energy system. First time in the modern history several provinces of Japan including Tokyo have started to experience energy shortages and occasional rolling blackouts. TEPCO now asking the citizens of Japan for help in a way of the power saving. Various businesses are also hoping for their customers’ understanding and patience since the power shortages affecting everyone in the North-Eastern part of Japan.

Save power and carry on

Small power demand - no power failure

Saving energy and open for business

Japanese enegry saving posters

Save electricity - save somebody

Japanese power saving posters

To save energy, turn off the switch after each use, please

Lets switch off

Nintendo Joystick Coffee Table

The early gaming consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega and the uncountable clones of those two were huge in the first half of the 90’s. Millions of kids from all over the world grew up sacrificing a lion share of their adolescence and youth on the altar of Nintendo NES and the video games in general.

Back in those days, as today, mass media was panicking about negative consequences of the video games. However, those generation, the people who were teens back in the 90’s, they have grow up and become mostly good people. Not only good but the very creative as well. And sometimes they are using their creativity to pay the tribute to the things that were so significant for them when they were kids.

Just like this Nintendo NES joystick coffee table. What’s most amazing about it—it works! It works not only as a coffee table, which is obvious, but also as a fully featured Nintendo NES joystick. You can play The Legend of Zelda with it.

Nintendo NES joystick coffee table

NES joystick coffee table

Nintendo NES coffee table

Different views of the Nintendo joystick

Nintendo coffee table DIY log

NES coffee table make log

Photo log of the making of the Nintendo NES coffee table

BTW, not so long ago I wrote about another one DIY coffee table. It seams this is a fancy trend nowadays.

The fate of the Panagiotis

On the white sand of the Navagio beach on the Southern Ionian island of Zakynthos, just a few feet away from the sapphire-blue waters the wrecked ship lies.

In the early 1980’s the small coastal freighter Panagiotis was on its route from Turkey laden with contraband cigarettes. Greek authorities were aware of the Panagiotis team’s smuggling operations. That’s why as soon as Panagiotis have reached Greek territorial waters in vicinity of the island Zakynthos the Greek Navy vessel began to pursue the smugglers.

Just like in any good story about pirates and smugglers, it was a dark stormy night. On top of everything else, Panagiotis has lost its engine in the storm, so the chase was pretty short. The freighter ran aground in the small isolated cove on the North-West shore of the island. The team was arrested, but nobody cared about the ship.

Panorama of the Navagio beach, where the wrecked Panagiotis lies

The map of Zakynthos island with the wrecked Panagiotis pinned

Panagiotis wreckage: the vew from above

Panagiotis closeup shot

Panagiotis in its full rusty glory

Writings in English and Serbian on the wrecked ship

Navagio cove

The view on the Navagio beach through the hole in the rusted Panagiotis

Car piercing

There are people who are, for whatever reason, poking and prodding their bodies with needles and wires, and almost any pieces of metal they find irresistibly attractive. This is the way they express themselves (however, psychologists are often talking about tattoos and piercings being the kind of self-injury and self-mutilation).

So it was just a matter of time when the piercing lovers will transfer their passion over to their speechless and never arguing companions. Have you ever seen the car with piercing? If not yet, I bet you will see one of those pierced vehicle riding around your neighborhood, with even more abundantly pierced driver inside.

Car piercing – the whole new way to express yourself

Truck piercing

Pierced cars

Chevrolet with piercing

DIY transforming coffee table

It is great when you are able to make your very own, custom design transforming coffee table by yourself. It is even better when you can make it together with your girlfriend. Thus not only you’ll get the fancy table but also will make your bond stronger. In any case, spending time together playing with the drill presses, circular saws and other power tools is, definitely, not your average movie & café night out.

How to make transforming coffee table

DIY transforming coffee table (and a happy girlfriend)

Mercedes hunting base camp

Two Mongolian oligarchs have ordered two custom made Mercedes Zetros 2733 trucks. Being the huge fans of the wolf hunting in the vast snow-clad plains of Mongolia they have made these trucks the ultimate hunting base camps on wheels.

Mercedes Zetros 2733

The walls of these six-wheeled houses are made of the two inches thick high-tech multi-layered panels. The roof and the floor (with heating system) are four inches (10cm) thick.

It’s fun to race around the flat snowy steppe on the fast quadrocycle—the Mercedes engineers know about it, so they built-in a tiny garage into the truck, where the quadrocycle is stored.

Inside you can find everything anyone could ever wish to take with him on the wolf hunt. The kitchen made of wood and marble is densely packed with the most state-of-the-art kitchen stuff.

The full heights shower cubicle has the floor heating. As well as the floor in the bedroom, where you can notice huge LCD panel right above the really spacious bed.

The whole truck is Wi-Fi enabled with the satellite internet on-board. So if you don’t want to use built-in Mac Mini, you can browse web in the middle of Mongolian steppe on your own notebook or iPhone.

The price have not been disclosed but there are some rumors saying that the Mongolians have paid 1.7 million euros for both trucks. This is more that million US dollars each.

Custom made Mercedes Zetros for Mogolian wolf hunters

In the cabin of the custom made Mercedes Zetros

Interior of the custom made Mercedes Zetros

Beds inside custom made Mercedes Zetros