Tridge—the triple bridge

The triple bridge—or, how it’s officially called, the Tridge—is located in the city of Midland, Michigan. The three-way wooden arc bridge rises above the confluence of the Chippewa and Tittabawassee rivers effectively crossing both of them. This is the most well known tourist attraction of the Midland, otherwise pretty small and rural town. The Tridge is indeed a very picturesque bridge and here is the proof:

The Tridge aerial view

The Tridge in winter, evening

The Tridge, view from above

The Tridge in summer

The Tridge

The Tridge, view from the park

Park it by the tree

Sometimes, when you need to build a new parking lot in the city, you have to decide whether or not to remove trees from the area. The question is not that simple as it seems to be. First of all, there are not too many trees in the city and every one of them is counted and valued by the city dwellers. Second, most of the time it’s illegal to cut down the trees within the city limits without any kind of prior permission from authorities.

The solution could come pretty easy. Just build the parking lot and keep all the trees on it. After all, they can still park Smart or a couple of bicycles on some spots—and this only makes this parking lot even more greener.

parking lot with the trees on it

parking lot with the trees on it

parking lot with the trees on it

parking lot with the trees on it

parking lot with the trees on it

parking lot with the trees on it

parking lot with the trees on it

All photos courtesy of Sergei Timofeyev.

How to quit WoW

World of Warcraft (better known to those who are hooked on it as the WoW) is the most popular online game in the world now. It has almost twelve million subscribers paying about 15 bucks every month to get into the vast and highly addictive universe. The problem is that this game is way too much time consuming. There is always something to do there. And many players just can’t stand the temptation to spend another few minutes, another hour, another sleepless night. Days sums up into months, months into years, and the whole life is going the wrong way. That’s why many of those who were charmed by the magic of this undoubtedly well written and perfectly drawn game are deciding to quit WoW one day—and this ain’t come easy.

It’s not enough to delete all the characters and cancel the World of Warcraft account. You need to act in real life too. The good start is to throw out all the WoW boxes and CDs.

Threw out the WoW boxes, put it into the garbage

Burning down the World of Warcraft CDs and boxes

Roots makeup

The makeup artist who has described herself only as Lauren has shared this wonderful piece of visage artwork. After the five hours of hard work the model became the dream of any druid on our ancient Earth. The girl with the roots on her face, thanks to Lauren’s work, looks like she stepped out of the fantasy novel. The details are painted and carved so carefully, the colors are blended with the natural tone of the model’s skin so perfectly, that the roots seem totally real, like they were here for ages. Yes, ages—those forest nymphs aren’t aging, you know.

The girl with the roots on her face

Makeup in a shape of the roots

Roots shaped makeup

Roads of Liberia

In the middle of the XIX century Liberia, the country found by the freed slaves, was the first hope of building the new independent and self-sufficient Africa. Being the first independent state ruled by the African people in the equatorial part of the Black Continent, Liberia was the center of attention. But everything went wrong.

Slavery, constant civil wars, corruption and aid embezzlement turned Liberia into one of the poorest nation in Africa. And here are the results of state failure—roads of Liberia as a warning sign of the economic and social disaster.

UN car struggles with Liberian road

Typical Liberian road

Driving by Liberian road

Crossing bridges in Liberia could be tricky. Photo by Paul Davis

Another bridge in Liberia

Broken bridge on the road from Monrovia to Gbarnga

The road between Monrovia and Gbarnga. Hole in the bridge

Liberians call it a road

And this

Fixing the bridge. Liberian way

I think I have found the source of all the problems with Liberian transportation networks. Look at the picture above. Two guys are working in the mud. One guy’s pretending to help them. And seventeen guys are giving advices. This is way to much management to get the things actually done in any reasonable time. There is no economy that would coup with such a terrible thing.

Don't rock the boat

But everything will be fine, eventually. Just remember—don’t rock the boat.

Joe Bagley papercuts

The Boston artist Joe Bagley has chosen one of the most ascetic, most modest in the means of expressive language, yet extremely hard to master field of art. He is making the papercuts. All his tools is the Exacto knife. All his materials is the paper. And despite of that his artworks are rich and expressive.

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

Joe Bagley papercut

And the author—Joe Bagley—himself:

Joe Bagley

Cat playing with deer

We are all got used to the idea of the animals that could be either domestic, tamed by our ancestors long ago, or wild, those who belong to the nature and living far beyond the reaches of human techy stuff. However, as almost anything in our analogue world, this division is kind of artificial and the border is, in fact, quite blurry.

The animals, that were domesticated not so long ago, or even in the first generation, like these domesticated foxes, are closer to the wild ones. Abandoned stray dogs could form a strong wolf-like packs of the canines of the different breeds but the same fate and act like the wild wolves.

On the other hand, the wild anymals living close to the humans and dependant on the various fruits of human labor could learn not to be afraid of the man and cat like a semi-tame.

Sometimes animals of the two worlds are making friends. Like in this case, when the home cat met the deer from the forest. Of course, the cat can think of the deer like of its prey, but from the side it looks pretty awesome. The deer also doesn’t fear of the cat and looks pretty calm and friendly.

cat playing with the wild deer from the forest

Cat and deer are making friends

Cat and deer are playing along

Cat and deer

House cat and the wild deer

Metal Scrap Cat

Alex from Russia, the young and promising engineer and a kin blacksmith, has built a statue of the cat. Ha! Nothing to write home about, you’d said? I beg to differ. The first thing that the Alex’s cat is much more badass than your average cats. The second thing is that this cat is built totally from the car parts, mostly from the Audi 100 Quattro. Take a closer look, maybe you will see some familiar parts.

Metal scrap cat

Metal scrap cat

Metal scrap cat

Metal scrap cat

Metal scrap cat

Soviet monuments in the former Yugoslavia

In the sixties and seventies in the Yugoslavian Federation under the communist rule tens and hundreds of monuments have been erected. Most of these astounding, huge and sometimes grotesque monuments were dedicated to the World War II and were built in the places of the significant battles or where the Nazi concentration camps used to be. Despite the fact that the Nazi regime was as socialistic as the Soviet rule over the Warsaw Pact countries, soviets did not hesitate to use the victory over the Nazis in their propaganda as profusely as they can.

Monument in the Kadinjaca

Kadinjaca (Kadiniacha) Memorial Complex with the central monument dedicated to the Fighters Workers Battalion. In November 1941 the Fighters Workers Battalion formed mostly from the local villagers of the Kadinjaca and Uzice (Uzhitse) region fiercely resisted here to teh far superior Nazi army. They have lost but their bravery was not forgotten.

Monument in the Brezovica

1st Partisans Brigade monument in Brezovica. This monument is dedicated to the memory of the first partisans brigade which was formed in Croatian Brezovica forest on June 22 1941, the day the Nazis have invaded Soviet Union. Notable fact: the 1st Partisans Brigade of Brezovica was also the first anti-fascist military formation in the occupied part of the Europe.

Monument on the Hrib Svobode in the Ilirska Bistrica

Abandoned WWII monument on the Hrib Svobode (Freedom Hill) in the Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia.

Monument in the Korenica

Another strange WWII monument. This time in the small village of Korenica on the border between Croatia and Bosnia.

Monument in Nicsic

Nobody knows to whoom or to what this monument in the Nicsic (Nikshich), Montenegro was dedicated. Today it is just another slab of concrete that remained from the era of the Soviet Yugoslavia.

Giant Clothespins

Clothespins are serving us for the centuries if not millennia. The modern design of the clothespin that we are all got used to was introduced back in the year 1853 by the inventor David M. Smith of Springfield, Vermont. It means that the modern widely used wooden or plastic clothespin with the steel spring is more than one and a half centuries old.

It won’t come as a surprise that such a widely known and ubiquitous object inspires artists from all over the world.

Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal installed the giant clothespin in the suburban park of the city of Liege in Belgium.

Giant clothespin in the Belgian park

Giant clothespin by Mehmet Ali Uysal

Another great giant clothespin was built by the Swedish sculptor Claes Oldenburg and installed in the 1976 in Philadelphia infront of the Philadelphia City Hall.

Giant clothespin in Philadelphia by Claes Oldenburg

Brooklyn designer Steffi Min used her clothespin inspiration to build a new lamp that is not only resembles the big clothespin in shape but also acts like the one. To change the light bulb you need to squeeze the clothespin open, remove old light bulb and replace it with the new one.

Clothespin lamp by Steffi Min

Other people have fun with the giant clothespins too.

Giant clothespin fun