The cats with the marks

Cats are not usual pets. They have their own very independent temper and pretty wild habits. They shred expensive furniture and cover all the apartments with the torn apart toilet paper so often that it doesn’t really count as the misbehavior. And after all of that they are still being loved not only by their owners but by at least the half of the human population.

But some cats are more unusual than the others. They could be pretty common at the first glance orange tabbies or Norwegian forest cats, but they share the one extra feature—their fur is marked, not by the man but by the nature itself, randomly and therefore unique.

marked cat

marked cat

marked cat

marked cat

Sometimes marks on the fur make cat look like a Freddy Mercury…

the cat that looks like Freddy Mercury

…or a Hitler.

cat that looks like Hitler

The fun fact about the spots and marks on the cats’ fur: most of the time you could find the same totally identically shaped spots and marks on the cat’s skin if you shave it.

the cat with the mark

the cat with the mark

the cat with the mark

the cat with the mark

Does your cat have any marks?

10 most awesome chess sets

Chess have never been your average table top game. Not for centuries but millennia chess was the game for elite. So it isn’t surprising that the chess sets was alway the subject for the artists. Here are the 10 most awesome examples from today.

Antique chess set

1. Antique neoclassic chess set.

Bauhaus inspired chess set

2. Bauhaus architecture inspired chess set.

Simpsons characters chess set

3. Simpsons characters chess set.

Glass chess set

4. Chess figures and the field itself made of glass.

Chinese chess set

5. Chinese chess set. Looks more like checkers.

Metal vs stone chess set

6. Metal versus stone chess set

Lego Star Wars chess set

7. Chess set made of Lego bricks and Lego’s Star Wars characters as the chess figures.

Lord of the Rings chess set

8. Lord of the Rings themed chess set.

Incas vs Spaniards chess set

9. Incas (or may be Mayas) versus Spanish conquistadors chess set.

Handmade chess set

10. Handmade chess set.