iMac in a coffee shop

Many of the internet dwellers and gadget geeks are familiar with the Panera Bread iMac man. Gizmodo made him a kind of an internet celebrity. And it was for a reason. The 70 years old guy was sitting almost every evening in the café with his iMac (yes, not a MacBook Pro, not a MacBook Air but the whole 21,5″ iMac in all its 10 kilos glory). Furthermore, why did he needed his iMac? To play World of Warcraft, of course!

But this Panera Bread iMac man is not alone, there are dozens of guys just like him. Some of them have been caught on camera.

1. The guy with the 24 inch iMac spotted in the Starbucks. Photo by Grant Robertson, 2009

2. Guy is using his iMac G5 in a café back in 2005. Photos by Tian

3. iMac guy in a coffee shop. Photo by Justin Heideman

4. A woman using her 24 inch iMac in the Starbucks café, 2011. Photo by Dave Linabury

5. This guy is editing video on his iMac sitting in the café

6. This guy is visiting the same coffee shop like this almost every day. Photo by Abatch, coffee shop employee

Ridiculously ugly christmas trees

Picking up the christmas tree is not that easy. It demands a lot of luck, a lot of tastefulness and style, and some money also (especially when you are a bit out of luck). Some people are lacking all of these things simultaneously. In this case their christmas trees look like that.

ugly christmas tree

ugly christmas tree

ugly christmas tree

ugly christmas tree

ugly christmas tree

Well, the following are, may be, not that ugly at all, but undoubtedly ridiculous.

ridiculous christmas tree

ridiculous christmas tree

ridiculous christmas tree

ridiculous christmas tree

ridiculous christmas tree

White kiwi bird

The kiwi birds, as it is widely known, are small flightless birds endemic to New Zealand. They are so unusual that they become the most commonly recognizable symbol of the country.

Typical kiwi bird feathers, which are so small that they look more like a fur, are light brown, sometimes grayish. However, in the extremely rare cases the white kiwi birds could hatch. Those aren’t albinos but a very rare genetic mutation causing the white color of the feathers—nothing bad for the bird’s health, just makes the bird to be easier spotted by the predators.

Fortunately for Manukura—the first white kiwi bird ever hatched in captivity in the News Zealand Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Center—it’s not the issue. He became the celebrity at the exact moment of his birth. The rare color give him the kings privileges. Even his name—Manukura—means “chief” in the language of New Zealand aboriginal people. And there is no surprise—his cuteness is barely bearable:

White kiwi bird hatched in New Zealand Wildlife Center. Photo by Tourism New Zealand

Interesting fact about kiwi birds: Did you know that the kiwi birds are among the most long living birds (and animals in general) on the planet Earth? The life expectancy of the average kiwi is in 50—60 years range. Almost the same as of the average human living in the third world country. Online
in biology, ornithology, or zoology can offer you more
interesting facts about kiwi birds.

New Zealand Wildlife Center employee holds newly born rare white kiwi bird. Photo by Tourism New Zealand

Via Perth Now, pictures © Tourism New Zealand

Putting the fun in funeral

Some women just can not help themselves, they start modeling the same exact moment the camera turns onto them. And the place doesn’t matter as long as they look cool and sexy. Standing by the coffin with beloved grandma in it? Not a problem:

The girl is modeling by the coffin of her grandma

…or someone smaller…

The girl is modeling by the small coffin

…or someone bigger…

Woman posing inside the big coffin

First stop: posing next to coffins. Next stop: forensic science colleges.

Beaver computer

Kasey McMahon, a young conceptual artist from Los Angeles, California, is in love with the nature. But as the most young people nowadays she loves her gadgets. This and the living in a big city make her feel disconnected from the natural environment sometimes. That’s why she decided to make her computer out of a… beaver!

Yes, that kind of beaver that are living by the rivers in the woods and building dams causing a lot of troubles to the farmers downstream. Of course, it wasn’t a live beaver but a stuffed one she bought online.

She called her creation “The Compubeaver”:

Beaver Computer or Compubeaver by Kasey McMahon

Beaver Computer or Compubeaver by Kasey McMahon

Beaver Computer or Compubeaver by Kasey McMahon

If this is what she does with the outside of a computer, we would like to see what she would do in a web design career.

Animals vs. Traffic

How many times when you are spending your precious time in the traffic jam can you realize that the jam is caused not by the flipped over truck, other kind of accident or just a pure human stupidity, but by the nature itself? The big, smelly (and probably tasty) piece of nature.

It happens all the time in Dakota, both North and South:

Bison on the road

Bison on the road somewhere in the South Dakota

Bison on the road

But bisons are pretty common on the roads of the United States. The closer you are to the Yellowstone park, the greater chance they will put you in the middle of the traffic jam. They are just like those rednecks on the huge trucks covered from wheels to roof with religious bumper stickers. Kind of a normal thing of life. But how about zebra?

Zebra on the road

Or two lizards fighting?

Two lizards are fighting on the road

The Cat Bride

More than 2500 years ago Ancient Greek author Aesop wrote a short fable about the cat that was turned by the Zeus in the young lady. The Venus bet that even almighty Zeus, who can change the look of the cat, can’t change its inner nature. Venus put a little mouse into the sight of the Cat-Maiden and the young lady in the same exact moment started to hunt the mouse proving the Venus was right.

The moral of these fable, that our nature is buried so deep inside us that neither we are nor the environment we are living in can’t change it entirely, has outlived its author. 2500 years later, in the twentieth century psychologists and ethologists proved the huge role our primeval instincts are playing in our live, and how hard if not impossible it could be to overcome the reign of the prehistoric biological programs written down in our genes.

Probably, one of the most well known artists who drew inspiration from the Cat Bride fable was the XVII century etcher Wenceslaus Hollar. His illustrations for this fable became widely recognizable:

The Cat Bride by Hollar

Every fall Atlanta Botanical Garden is holding themed scarecrow exhibition. One of the showpiece, among Edvard Munch’s Scream and famous Sheryl Crow scarecrow, was the Cat Bride:

Cat-bride scarecrow in the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Cat-bride scarecrow in the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Here is the text of Aesop’s fable “The Cat Bride”:

The gods were once disputing whether it was possible for a living being to change its nature. Jupiter said “Yes,” but Venus said “No.” So, to try the question, Jupiter turned a Cat into a Maiden, and gave her to a young man for a wife. The wedding was duly performed and the young couple sat down to the wedding-feast. “See,” said Jupiter, to Venus, “how becomingly she behaves. Who could tell that yesterday she was but a Cat? Surely her nature is changed?”

“Wait a minute,” replied Venus, and let loose a mouse into the room. No sooner did the bride see this than she jumped up from her seat and tried to pounce upon the mouse. “Ah, you see,” said Venus, “Nature will win out.”

When innocent pictures turn NSFW

We have to admit: it happens all the time. One day you are taking a picture of something cool, picturesque and absolutely innocent, putting your wonderful subject in the center of the frame, pressing the shutter button… And than, after getting home, you are watching the pictures you have taken, sometimes even with your seniors or kids, and that picture of the colorful rooster appears on the screen in all its glory, and you are like “Look what a cool rooster I saw… Oh wait, WTF!? Escape! Escape! Command-Q! Damn computer!”

Rooster on the foreground and a lot of dildos on a display in the background

This is not a laughing matter, this is a serious business. It looks like fun and games, but somebody almost lost an eye because of that.

Best man left bleeding after being hit in head by flying dildo

By the way, just in case you are wondering what the NSFW abbreviation in the title means, it stands for “Not Safe For Work“ and it means that watching such pictures on your office PC, in the public library or anywhere where your computer screen is visible to others could be pretty awkward. However, if the people, instead of browsing internet aimlessly during their working hours, were actually working, the poor economy wasn’t such an issue.