Forgotten project: The bridge between US and Russia

After the Stalin’s death in 1953 the power in the Soviet Union came to Nikita Khrushchev. The politics inside the biggest dictatorship on Earth turned from dark paranoid witch-hunt to though still oppressive but comparably milder race to prove the advantages of the socialist economy system over the capitalism.

The image of the United States inside the USSR also drifted from the arch nemesis to the most powerful competitor. Nikita Khrushchev strived to beat America in its own field. Huge efforts were put into the science and technology. And these efforts started to pay off pretty quickly.

Among the thousands different projects of different scale, from village to interplanetary ones, the one deserves our special attention.

The project of the bridge-dam between USA and Russia as published in the 1961 soviet book
The project of the bridge-dam between USA and Russia as published in the 1961 soviet book

This is the project of the bridge between the Russia and America, to be build over the narrow and shallow Bering Strait from the Russian Chukotka region to Alaska. It was published in a popular Encyclopedia for Kids in 1961, on the verge of the Khrushchev’s era.

This is what the text in Russian says:

In fair weather you can see the American shore from the Cape Dezhnev. The Bering Strait is the only possible way to link Asia and America by land. The distance between the railroad station Big Never (sic!) and the US railroad networks would be 7200 kilometers if passing through the Bering Strait, this is one and half times shorter than the way though the Pacific. The landline USSR-USA would be permanent, reliable and economically profitable. It would have the powerful locomotives and high-capacity cars. With the cruising speed more than 300 kilometers per hour such trains would get from the Trans-Siberian Railroad to the US railroad network in almost 30 hours.

The new 4000 kilometers long road (on the Russian side) would set the reliable link with the vast expanses of the USSR North-East and all its inexhaustible natural resources.

The line USSR-USA could be almost the same length as the Trans-Siberian Railroad. It measured 7400 kilometers between Chelyabinsk to Vladivostok and it was built in 15 years from 1891—1905.

But the Trans-Siberian Road was built by one state. And the new road is the intercontinental structure which could be built by the two countries in peaceful cooperation.

Description of the project in Russian
Description of the project in Russian

But if it was just a bridge this project was just another one in a pile. The idea of the Bering Strait bridge is not that unique. However, Russians went further, much further. They have actually planned to place the atomic-powered pumps beneath the bridge to drive the warm ocean current to the Northern shores of Eurasia and America thus making the northern parts of Russia, US and Canada more suitable for living.

Here the translation:

Now the man tries to artificially recreate such titanic powers as the ocean currents. The visions of changing the climate of the Northern Hemisphere are not the dreams anymore. Scientists and engineers are working on this problem. The science makes the first step to the controlled redistribution of the Earth’s heat.

And here is the idea to cap the Bering Strait with the gigantic bridge-dam. In the base of the dam the thousands pumps will be installed. Those will be powered by the atomic power stations.

The pumps would create the warm current from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic, and such current could make the climate of the Siberia and the North America milder.

Nature could look cruel

In the wild, carnivores aren’t getting their meals on a plate. They have to track their prey first, than catch it, and only if their hunt was successful, which happens in about one time out of ten tries, they have something to feast on. And this isn’t the end of their feeding efforts. Wild animals don’t own the fancy silver tupperware, nor do they have a butcher to help them with cuts. They have to tear their prey apart with their bare teeth. Not the cleanest process.

1. Blood stained lion cub

Even in the zoo, where meat comes to carnivores in a ready to consume chunks, the young lions, apparently, are not the most good natured eaters. They will learn to eat more accurately later. But just a very little bit more accurate. When the hunger’s controlling the brain there is no time for the table etiquette.

2. Two lion cubs and the mature lion are eating the same piece of meat. Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

3. Blood stained lioness. Photo by Rob Dweck

4. The lioness seems doesn't give a damn about her after-the-dinner look. Photo by Christoph Rupprecht, Focx Photography,

5. The female polar bear with two of her cubs are eating the seal

The polar bears are the worst eaters on the animal world. May be, because of their fur color. The fresh blood is the most noticeable on white.

6. Mature big cats aren't eating accurately too

All these pictures could look cruel but they are actually not. No predator kills its prey out of hate. They are probably even love the puny antelopes, rabbits and deers they are hunting for. In a special, gastronomic way.

Color your eggs with the old ties

Easter is coming. For those who are not religious fundies this day means great spring weather, a lot of outdoor activities and funny customs revolving around the colored eggs.

But before you can play hide and seek with the eggs you need to color them. For more than a thousand years this custom exists there are a lot of ways to color the eggs were invented. And here is the new one.

If you have some old silk ties, wrap them around the eggs, fix with the threads and boil. The paint from the tie will come off partially and color the egg.

Color your eggs with the old silk ties. The how to

Easter eggs colored with the old silk ties

Batman graffiti

The fact that the Batman has become one of the most popular superhero shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s a saviour with the flawless moral principles, the fearless fighter against injustice of any kind, the rich who is helping the poor—the noble version of Robin Hood. Plus, he is the only famous superhero without any superhuman abilities. Mix all of these with a long list of the arch enemies each of them painted exceptionally vivid and life-like and you will get the instant success. Success that will imprint this character deep into the people’s hearts and weave it deep into our collective culture.

1. Batman sign graffiti

2. Amazing picture of the Batman's nemesis Two-Face

3. Adolescent batmen graffiti

4. Batman vs Joker graffiti

5. Batman vs Catwoman graffiti by Mad C

6. Batman graffiti

7. Elderly Batman and Robin graffiti on the barn wall

8. Joker graffiti

9. Batman graffiti

10. Playing with shadows

Cute geckos

How could lizards be cute? Most people don’t like all the reptiles, mostly because the reptiles for them are, first of all, the dreaded alligators and snakes. But the reptiles as a biological class are very diverse. There are millions of different species in this it and very few of them could pose any danger to humans.

Geckos are the family of the scaled reptiles, lizards. The different species have the different scales color, sometimes very vivid and out-of-this-worldly. Their size could range from the just a tad bigger than half an inch (1.6 centimeter, to be precise) to two feet long (60 centimeters).

Geckos make a great pets. You can keep them in terrarium, or even let them wander the home freely. While the latter is highly increases the risk of tripping over the snoozing lizard, or finding one in your bed, it will help to keep your house clean from the insects and even snakes. Geckos are carnivorous, their diet consists of insects primarily, but they won’t lose a chance to catch and feed on a small snake, even if it’s poisonous.

1. Cute crested gecko. Photo by Zaahir Moolla

2. Eye-licking good! The gecko's eyes have no lids and protected by the transparent membrane instead. Geckos licking their eyes with their tongues to clean up and moisturize it. Photo by Kenny Alexander

3. Cute green gecko is eating jam from a bowl. Photo by Martha Heinemann Bixby

4. Blue gecko

5. Gecko named Gordon. Photo by Garry Knight

6. Small wild gecko. Photo by Steve Jurvetson

7. Cute Palmatogecko named Lizzy. Photo by Aftab Uzzaman

8. Horned Gargoyle gecko. Photo by Chris Moody, Fresh Air Photography

9. Gold Dust Day Gecko from Hawaii. Photo by

10. Giant Day gecko from Madagascar. Photo by Sorensiim

11. Another funny factoid about the geckos: The most popular name among the pet geckos is Gordon. Guess why?

12. Giant leaf-tailed gecko from Madagascar. Photo by Frank Vassen

13. Cute shy gecko

14. Knob-tailed gecko

15. Cute gecko hanging on a glass gem

16. Cute gecko hanging on his owner's shoulder

17. Cute little gecko

18. Psychedelic looking blue gecko

19. Pet Leopard gecko named Spoon

20. Sinister Leopard gecko

20 awesome cupcake ideas

For more than two centuries people are enjoying the tiny flour and sugar delights. The food, that is special in so many ways that it stands out of the rest of the cookbook.

First of all, cupcakes are in the middle between two worlds: pastry-cooking and visual arts. The second, they are one of the few foods you are not supposed to share with others. And the third, cupcakes can be tailored to perfectly fit any holiday, anniversary or memorable events.

Also, cupcakes are one of those things which are easy to learn (but hard to master). Anyone with the very basic cooking skills can bake one or two and they will be pretty good. But to bake the perfect cupcakes you will need all your knowledge, all your experience and a lot of inspiration.

1. Hamburger cupcakes. Photo by Cupcakes Queen

2. Dr. Seuss themed cupcakes

3. Dinner cupcakes

4. Irish Monkey cupcakes

5. Butterfly cupcakes

6. Minecraft cupcakes

7. Periodic table cupcakes

8. Another take on periodic table cupcakes

9. Star Wars cupcakes

10. Pi cupcakes

11. Van Gogh's Starry Night cupcakes

12. Rainbow cupcakes

13. Zoo cupcakes. Photo by Don Buciak II

14. Eyes cupcakes

15. St. Patric's Day cupcakes. Photo by Liana Stevens, Star Bakery

16. Rose petals shaped cupcakes. Photo by Liana Stevens, Star Bakery

17. Sesame Street inspired cupcakes. Photo by Robyn Lee

18. Strawberry cupcakes

19. Walking Dead cupcakes

20. Pool cupcakes

Calvin and Hobbes themed kids rooms

The current generation of thirty-somethings have a lot of cool stuff when they were growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. The Calvin and Hobbes comic strips by Bill Watterson were among this stuff. He single-handedly painted the childhood of the whole generation. The Calvin and Hobbes comic strips were published in more than 2400 newspapers worldwide since 1985. Dozens of Calvin and Hobbes books saw the light since that time, 45 million copies in 50 different countries have been sold.

Now, the people who have grown up with the Calvin and Hobbes have become the parents themselves, and they are trying share some of the brightest moments in their childhood with their kids.

Here the few examples of Calvin and Hobbes themed kids rooms.

1. Calvin and Hobbes mural on the wall of the nursery

2. Calvin and Hobbes mural in the kids' bedroom

3. Another Calvin and Hobbes mural

4. Painting the Calvin in space mural

5. Calvin and Hobbes painted on the wall

6. Another Calvin and Hobbes nursery

7. Calvin and Hobbes themed kids' room

8. Sleeping Hobbes mural

Cats sleeping in weird places

Cats are sleeping 13—16 hours out of 24. However, their usual uninterrupted sleep period rarely exceeds 6 hours straight. Most of the time cats are just napping here and there for about half an hour, than waking up, doing something (either eating or shenanigans of some kind), and then becoming snoozy and eventually falling asleep once again.

The nap time can catch the cat virtually everywhere. The good natured cats tend to napping on their dedicated beds; the don’t-give-a-damn types can nap right on the floor, usually in the exact same spot where their owners’ risk of tripping over the cat’s stretched body is the highest; and the common cats, which are something in between, could nap in thousand different places.

1. Cat is sleeping in a tray. Photo by Brian Costelloe

If there was a hit parade of the cats’ most loved places to nap in, it would look something like this:

  1. Bathroom/toilet sink.That’s because it’s refreshing when it’s hot outside.
  2. Kitchen sink. The same as above plus it’s closer to the food.
  3. A box. Any box. Because cats are damn love boxes.
  4. Any constricted place. Apparently, the cats are feeling safer this way.
  5. The place you do think of as the less suitable for sleep.

2. Cat is sleeping in a wheelbarrow full of grass. Photo by mr moor

3. Cat is  sleeping in a shallow bucket

4. Cat is sleeping in the pillaged flower pot. Photo by Evelyn Moonshine

5. Two cats are sleeping yin and yang in a sink

6. Cat is sleeping in the Amazon box. Photo by Julie

7. Cat is sleeping on top of the mailbox. Photo by Mira Parent

8. Cat is sleeping in the drawer. Photo by Rachel H

9. Cat is sleeping on top of the speaker. Photo by Yasuhiro

10. Cat is sleeping in the linens. Photo by B. DeFlorio

And where does your cat nap?

Creative trailers

In the perfect vehicle everything should be perfect. Especially, when you’ve paid a small fortune for it. And if you are out of storage space in your nice and pricey car, you wouldn’t hook up a dull-looking, poorly built, purchased in the next-door auto parts store trailer, or would you? The perfect cars are certainly deserve the perfect trailers. And only those matching perfectly.

Fortunately, when it come to creative trailers, there are a lot of nice options. Here are some perfect examples.

1. One and a half Mustang

2. White Corvette is towing the baby Corvette

3. Baby Mustang trailer. Red as it should be

4. Trikes deserve fancy trailers too

5. Honda bike with the baby Corvette trailer. Photo by Gail Hatch

6. Orange Corvette 75 with the matching trailer hooked up. Photo by Bill Jarvis

7. Bike with the yellow baby Mustang trailer. Photo by Cyndy Kovacs Millo

8. Austin A35 (built in 1957) with the matching white trailer. Photo by Martin Alford

9. Bronze Chevrolet with the matching trailer

10. If you hate tailgating, this trailer is not for you. Photo by Spork Spelunking

11. Mini with the mini trailer. Go, Britain!