20 greatest zombie makeups

Zombies horror flicks became insanely popular in the late 60’s thanks to George Romero and his classic Night of the Living Dead. Since that time zombies have become the part of our common culture. Hardly there is any year when another zombie apocalypse movie doesn’t hit the theaters. Thousands of video games are built upon the killing the dead who are surprisingly lively for their medical condition. In many cities around the globe the people dressed like zombies are parading every year.

It’s not hard to tear some clothes and put some fake blood on your face, but the really good zombie makeup take time, patience, mastery and a lot of creativity. Here are the best examples of the brilliant zombie-themed makeups.

1. Awesome zombie makeup from the Zombie Walk in Madrid in 2011. Photo by Zumito

2. A can in the head zombie makeup shot at the Paris 2009 Zombie Walk by Philippe Leroyer

3. Fairy zombie at Toronto 2011 Zombie Walk. Photo by Jackman Chiu

4. A very detailed zombie makeup

5. Disgustingly great zombie makeup. Shot by Jackman Chiu at Toronto 2011 Zombie Walk

6. From the Asbury Park 2009 Zombie Walk. Photo by Bob Jagendorf

7. Zombie clown. Photo by Jackman Chiu

8. Military zombie makeup and costume. Madrid 2011. Photo bu Zumito

9. Great zombie makeup at Toronto 2009 Zombie Walk. Photo by Eric Parker

10. Full face zombie makeup. Photo by Ramiro Moyano

11. Stabbed nurse makeup. Photo Eric Parker

12. Screwdriver in the head makeup at the Fremont Zombie Walk 2007. Photo by Kelly Bailey

13. Bottle to the head makeup at the São Paolo 2010 Zombie Walk shot by William Droops

14. Keyboard zombie at the San Diego 2010 Zombie Walk. Photo by Nathan Rupert

15. Zombie reporter at the Toronto Zombie Walk 2008. Photo by Sam Javanrouh

16. Book in the head makeup at the Toronto Zombie Walk 2008. Photo by Sam Javanrouh

17. Chewed off hand zombie makeup at the Toronto Zombie Walk 2009. Photo by Josh Jensen

18. Zombie Supergirl and Superman. Photo by San Diego Shooter

19. Zombie dog at the Pittsburgh Zombie Walk 2010. Photo by the Cory Cousins

20. Half face zombie makeup

Hell theme-park in Thailand

The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden located on the outskirts of the Thailand’s capital Bangkok is the whole theme park depicting Buddhist hell and all the tortures over there. It’s just like your average theme-park but built upon the other imaginary universe. Instead of Mickey Mouse you will find there zombies, and people eaten alive by the not-so-friendly cattle instead of Donald Duck, and a choir of singing and dancing skeletons instead of seven gnomes.

1. Statues depicting torture by the spears and the raven in the Hell Garden park in Bangkok

2. The whole park is actually endless scenes of torture

3. And the tortures over there are morbidly imaginative

4. Thai Hell theme-park

5. Thai Hell theme-park

6. Thai Hell theme-park

7. Thai Hell theme-park

8. Thai Hell theme-park

9. Thai Hell theme-park

10. Thai Hell theme-park

Sam Spenser’s Bloom

Sam Spenser is an artist from London whose interests lie in the vast spaces of fine art and architecture. At the overlapping of these two areas he has grown the ‘Bloom’—the urban environment installation for the London’s The Wapping Project. The bright yellow umbrellas have bloomed all over the lonely tree in the dull, lifeless London backyard under the led sky. All pictures made by Jessica Rolland.

The average London tree is blooming with the bright yellow umbrellas thanks to Sam Spenser. Photo by Jessica Rolland

Sam Spenser's installation Umbrella Bloom. Photo by Jessica Rolland

Another view on Sam Spenser's installation. Photo by Jessica Rolland

Balance all the things!

Can a hobby turn into obsession? Sure. And obsession can turn into a hobby, this is also true. In this case, sometimes really awesome things can be produced. Like these ones. Made by a guy whose obsession with stacking and balancing things turned into a pretty neet hobby. His fridge should look surreal.

Balanced lemons

Having fun in Yosemite park is no problem for him

Balancing tennis racquet and the balls

More fun on the tennis court

Balancing bottles and cans

Balancing things in the café

More fun while dining

Balancing chairs

Balancing home appliances

Balance all the things!

Missing door prank

The roommate of these college students went to Australia for a couple of weeks. So his friends decided to bring some surprise into his comeback. But what will be the best surprise for the roommate?

First these guys decided to contract their friend’s room a little since it’s already the smallest room in the house. After considering this idea for some time they have thought they can go even further and steal the whole room… by seamlessly sealing the door.

Preparations for the missing door prank

Preparations for the missing door prank

Preparations for the missing door prank

Preparations for the missing door prank

Preparations for the missing door prank

The door? Which door?

The missing door prank was, apparently, successful

Pranking roommates is fun. Here is another example: the FOIL method prank.

Amazing sculptures by Matt Cummings

Matt Cummings, a British sculptor, most known for his work Wyvern Dragon.

Wyvern Dragon by Matt Cummings

However, his other works deserve attention beyond any doubts. Made of the various weirdly mixed up materials and often displayed in the public places far from the walls of the art galleries, statues made by Matt Cummings are often depicting mythical creatures as precisely and life-like as they were real. Matt’s choice of the materials is emphasizing the effect.

Centaur by Matt Cummings

Cyber Lady by Matt Cummings

Mermaid by Matt Cummings

You can find other works by Matt Cummings on his Facebook page.

Clever on-vehicle ads

Advertisement is ubiquitous. You can love it or hate it, but the free society is impossible without it. Ads popping here and there are the life-giving blood of the economy. However, as everything else, advertisement could be done good and bad. Here are some examples of on-vehicle advertisements done perfectly right.

1. Shock-top Beer advertisement on the Volkswagen New Beetle

2. Zombie extermination service ad on the side of the van

3. HALO car ad

4. Van van

5. Plumbing service van

6. Wikileaks van

Carved cutting-board

No, it is not a drawing nor a computer generated graphic. This is a photograph. The real photo of the real thing made by Randall Rosenthal, a carver from New-York.

Cutting-board carved by Randall Rosenthal

But the most fascinating fact about this work is how Randall made it. The whole artwork including all the tiny pieces of onions, garlic, pages of the recipe book (opened on the wrong page as you can see) are the parts of the whole. Everything is cut out of the single solid piece of wood.

Cutting-board carved by Randall Rosenthal. How it was made

Awesome Easter eggs

Ok, it’s Easter today, so we are wishing a happy Easter for those who are taking it seriously. And for everyone we are glad to show our Easter catch. Look what we have brought from the eggs hunt!

1. Easter eggs

2. Ukrainian Easter eggs

3. Outer space Easter egg

4. Layer-dyed Easter egg

5. Every egg is unique

6. Doctor Who's Tardis Easter egg

7. Lavishly decorated Easter eggs

8. Van Gogh's Starry Night Easter egg

9. African pattern Easter egg

10. Frankenstein Easter eggs

11. Van Gogh and Edvard Munch Easter eggs

12. Power Rangers Easter eggs