Creative Vespa scooters

Vespa is a brand name of the Italian two-wheeled scooters made by Piaggio. Being simple, cheap and compact means of transportation, the Vespa scooters have become one of the symbols of the 1960’s. Nowadays the popularity of the little buggers seems to on the rise once again.

1. Combi Vespa

2. Scooter with stickers. A profusely decorated Vespa

3. Long handlebars Vespa

4. Military modded Vespa

5. Colourful Vespa from the Netherlands

6. Pakistani Vespa

Funny license plates

In the modern society the demand for unique and personified items is growing stronger with every new thing that could be customised in any imaginable way. T-shirts with witty sayings, weird iPhone covers and laptop decals — all these things are selling better than the hot pies.

In some countries the government is playing along and making some more money by exploiting not only its citizens directly but by exploiting their never dimming desire to be a little bit more unique, to stand out of the crowd a little bit further.

In the United States the government is selling customised license plates. And it seems the sales are great.

1. NOTDUMB license plate on the Smart car

2. F my life license plate on the Corolla with the smashed window. The owner must be really unlucky

3. Messing with the Virginia Shenandoah National park commemorative license plate design

4. European Union caffeine formula license plate

5. Sugar Cube

6. Audios Audi

7. LOL tus Lotus

8. He probably should buy a less expensive car

9. Dogs person license plate

10. This Corvette is sure awesome

11. Please, don't ask me what he is referring to

12. Automotive copycat of the Captain Obvious

Coin on a sidewalk

If there is evil hiding somewhere deep inside of you, rejoice. Here is one great tip on how to ruin if not a day than at least a half an hour for random passers by. Coin on a sidewalk prank takes some pretty sophisticated preparations, but it’ totally worth it.

1. The Coin on a Sidewalk prank

Here is some guy from Sweden. He welded a 5 Swedish Kronor coin (you can use any coin you like, actually) to a nail, polished the top side of the coin and drove the nail deep into the pavement making coin absolutely impossible to pick up. Hilarity ensued.

2. Weld a coin to a nail

3. Polish the top side of welded coin

4. Drive the nail into the pavement where the welded coin will be spotted by pedestrians

5. Watch the world burns

Huge dogs

Thousands of years of artificial selection helped dogs to become one of the most diverse specie on our planet. There are dogs of any natural colour from white to black, of any ear shape and tail length, and of course, there are dogs of any sizes from the ones you can easily put into a coat pocket to those who can outgrow their owners.

Here is our collection of the world’s biggest dogs.

1. The world's biggest Chow Chow (or is it a Tibetan Mastiff?)

2. You can mop the floor with this huge Hungarian Sheepdog

3. This one loves to sit next to its owner

4. And this one loves to cuddle

5. Quite big for a lap dog

6. Huge greyhound

7. This dog is huge and comfy

8. Another overgrown lap dog

9. Some St. Bernards are bigger than a horse

Electrocuted python

Sometimes, dine and dash goes wrong. In the human world the failed dash attempt most commonly turns into a couple of hours of doing dishes in the restaurant kitchen or a talk with the police officer. Nature is not so forgiving. In the wild, if something goes wrong it often goes fatally wrong.

This python snuck into a sheep farm in Illinois and dined with the lamb, the whole one as the pythons usually do. The troubles (for python, not the lamb) started when the time comes to dash without a mere “thank you”. Apparently, the hungry python is much thinner than the full one. On his way out of the farm the python stuck in the electrified fence.

Python stuck in the electric fence

Such fences are designed not to kill but to detergent any leaving creature. It pulsing with the high voltage power which shocks anyone who touches the wire for a period of time. One shock does no harm but it’s extremely unpleasant, so the animals and humans alike are tend to learn from the first time.

The distance between electrified wires of this particular fence is 10 inches (25cm). It was enough for the hungry python to creep in but didn’t let him out with the lamb inside. Python stuck, got shocked, attacked the fence with his teeth, got shocked again and again…

Electrocuted python

Dollar bill iPad engraving

Justin Ross, web administrator from Sacramento, California, has spent a lot of time in front of his computer screen scrupulously tracing one dollar bill in his trusty Adobe Illustrator. The result of this hard and may be a little bit pointless work turned out to be really amazing. Now Justin Ross owns the iPad with one of the most detailed and unique engraving on it. Though, the actual picture can set the Guinness Record for the number of copies spread around the globe.

Justin Ross holding his iPad with the Dollar bill engraving

Unsuspicious van is mocking pedohysteria

In the first decades of the twenty first century politicians, mostly lazy and corrupt ones, have put their eyes on the problem of child abuse. With the efforts worthy of a better cause they have blown real but quite rarely occurred problem into the world devouring pandemic. However, some people know that the better way to fight stupidity is to mock the hell out of it.

Unsuspicious van painted to mock the pedohysteria

unsuspicious van is unsuspicious

The rocks that look like food

Please, don’t try to bite a piece off of this finger-licking goodness. Because if you do this the dentist bill won’t make you happy, I can guarantee it.

Many chefs are making their food to mimic the nature, designing their dished to look like the birds’ nests, trees and even animals. Such kind of culinary practice is so popular you can probably encounter such dishes on every rural culinary fair or even in the restaurant next door. But there is a thing that turns it inside out. Here you can see the inedible objects of nature (the minerals in this case) that are mimicking the food we eat. And it was made so realistic, so life-like, that I feel hungry just by looking at these pictures.

The rocks cut and polished to look like food

The rocks cut and polished to look like food - more pictures