Pets Sleeping in Food

All pets, whether they are cats, dogs or ferrets, spend their days doing only two things: sleeping and eating. Some shenanigans fit well in between. And if there were too much time spent on shenanigans, pets, especially younger ones, tend to combine their primary activities.

1. Cat is sleeping in the food bowl

2. Puppy got tired eating

3. Fat cat fell asleep right in the middle of the meal

4. Kitten sleeping in the food bowl

5. Chewing is a hard work

6. Dog sleeping by the bowl

7. Sleepy dog in the water bowl

Taxidermy Gone Wrong

Taxidermy is a useful craft. Its educational value can’t be overestimated. However, some overly sensitive people could argue the use of taxidermied, or simply speaking—stuffed animals, for interior decoration.

But all of the above applies when the stuffing is made by professionals or the hobbyists who know their craft. If you push the novice into the business, or even a person who may be genetically incompatible with handcrafting of any kind… Well, you were asking for it.

Bad Taxidermy

Bad Taxidermy

Bad Taxidermy

Bad Taxidermy

Bad Taxidermy

Thumbs-up Cats

Hey! Have you had a bad case of the Mondays? Here some cats for you. They want to cheer you up. They think you are doing great.

On a serious note, all these cats have rare congenital abnormality called polydactyly. It means all they have some extra toes on their paws. However, most of the time this doesn’t hurt or causing any difficulties. Opposable thumb of some polydactyl cats helps them to be more dextrous than normal cats. Just like in humans, it allows cats to handle things with just one paw.

1. Farm cat gives you a thumb-up

2. The All-Internet Celebrity - Jimmy the Thumbs-up Cat

3. A closer look

4. The fourth thumbs-up

5. A sleepy thumbs-up

Universal Postcards

Have you ever found yourself in front of the postcard stand deciding what postcard to choose to cheer up a distant relative or a colleague you don’t really care for? If yes, here the great idea for you—universal postcard. It suits any occasion… ever.

Deer Fishing in Alaska

What would you expect from a fishing in Alaska? Tons of fun, of course, if you are into fishing. But would you really expect to return from your fishing trip with the catch good enough for the most skilled hunting party?

This story is from Alaska. The Alaska Quest boat was on a usual fishing trip in the Taku Inlet, when the captain Tom Satre spotted something strange in the water. Even for Alaskan wilderness the seeing a group of deers swimming in the salt water 1.2 miles off shore was strange.

Deers were exhausted and barely saw anything behind the waves. However, Tom Satre and his fellow fishermen managed to lift the deers out of the water (and it was pretty tough task to get a 80 pound of deer with its fur fully soaked aboard) and in an hour deliver it to the closest settlement, the Taku Harbor.

Deers fished out of the water

Demonic Cat Won Internets

Colonel Meow is the name of the demonic looking cat who has become the internet’s most loved (and may be feared a little) cat lately. It’s official now: neko Maru has retired, all hail your new cat overlord—Colonel Meow.

He is incredibly fluffy Himalayan Persian breed who has its own YouTube channel and loves chilling in front of the big fan. And he’s eating souls for breakfast.