Square Roots

Since the down of the agriculture and the human civilization itself ten thousand years ago people are tend to constrain and contain the nature, put it into the strictly-defined limits. This is how we are transforming our area of habitat, this is what defines us as a specie.

The nature says nothing against it. It is silent. It uses all the space available for growth and proliferation. If we draw it in squares, nature will shape itself in squares even though there are no perfect squares and cubes in the wild. Nature will fit the ever changing environment not matter if it is changing due to cosmic reasons or by the will of the people.

Here are some good illustrations for this. In urban environment trees are shaping their root system to replicate the man-made patterns: squares, cubes, octagons…







Dogs in Costumes

Some people say the dogs are reflections of their owners. If the owners are creative, some of this creativity is inevitably affects their dogs. Are they going to the Halloween party? Their dogs will go with them. Wearing a perfect costume, of course.

1. Garden gnome dog successfully infiltrates into the enemy ranks

2. One classy Great Dane

3. Leprechaun dachshunds. Photo by Anne Marie Nihoul-Weaver.

By the way, check the Anne Marie’s Flickr albums for more wonderful dog photographs.

4. Freddy Krueger dog

5. A dog in the costume of Red Riding Hood

6. Darth Vader and Yoda dogs

7. First responder dog

8. A dog in the superman costume

9. Little Chewbacca

10. The tiniest basketball player in the world

11. Can't recognize this costume. Any guesses?

12. Office job dog

13. A dog wearing Hawaiian grass skirt

The City Made of Toothpicks

Some people’s hobbies are more like the ultimate Ironman challange in patience. You know the thingls like the ships in the bottle or intricate structures built with nothing but the millions of matches. This one is another hymn to the patience—the whole city made of millions of toothpicks. It was started in 1982 and still in progress.

city made of toothpicks

city made of toothpicks

city made of toothpicks

city made of toothpicks

city made of toothpicks

Python Eating Goanna

Carnivores aren’t really picky about their prey. They hunting herbivores and carnivores and anyone who looks tasty enough. In nature, nobody asks what your culinary preferences are before eating you whole, with your socks on. Carnivores are eating carnivores, and reptiles eat reptiles. Like in this case in Australia. The python is eating the goanna, Australian monitor lizard.

python eating goanna

python eating goanna

python eating goanna

The whole process is taking about two hours. Look how much Australians are caring about their murderous wildlife—they put a sticks and do-not-cross tape around the scene so nobody would interrupt the lunch.

Unlicensed World of Warcraft Theme Park in China

Francesca, social network site Reddit user, has visited unlicensed theme park in China. One of the many such parks in the country. This one is based on the popular multiplayer game World of Warcraft. However, Blizzard Entertainment, the owner of the Warcraft franchise seems to be unaware of this fountain of creativity.


























All Things Angry Birds

The astoundingly popular mobile game Angry Birds may be not that loud, but it sure been here for much longer than another craze of the year passed—Gangnam Style. In Finland, where the game was developed, it become some kind of a cult. From now on, when someone say “Finland” people will be recalling not only a burning hot Molotov Cocktails and virtually indestructible and cheap Nokia phones. Angry Birds and Finland became synonymous, and Finns are taking everything from this unexpected fame. Just look at all these Angry Birds products they have in their stores:

1. Angry Birds branded HDMI cables and bicycles

2. Angry Birds board games

3. Toy slingshot and the Angry Birds colored yearbook

4. Angry Birds coffee by Finland's most known coffee company Paulig

5. Angry Birds rugs and towels

6. Angry Birds phone cases for Nokia phones and iPhones

7. Angry Birds chewing gum and lollipops

8. Angry Birds coffee mugs and school appliances

9. Angry Birds X360 headset and PS3 controller

10. Angry Birds plushies and smaller toys

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The Dining Room of Safari Hunter

This dining room sure belongs to an avid hunter. The owner must be spent days in African savannah hunting for all these game.

If you are against hunting for sport, try to think about the tens of thousands of dollars he spent on the poverty-ridden land of African continent. Think about hundreds of Africans who make their living on catering the needs of the guys like this safari hunter.

Very Patient Dogs

Fifteen thousand years passed since the time when the first gray wolves were tamed, domesticated and turned into dogs by our distant ancestors. It was enough to make the dogs our closest friends. Fifteen thousand years of artificial selection, make dogs obedient and helpful companions.

However, not all the dogs are born equal. Some of them are really mischievous little devils, some of them just born to have fun and take from life everything, but some of them are real stoics. They won’t even flip a treat from the top of their muzzles without masters’ permit.

1. The dog balancing oranges on its muzzle

2. The most obedient dog ever

3. Toys are good for obedience testing too

4. Patience is a virtue of dogs of any sizes

5. Balancing zucchini is simple, it's not that tasty

6. See no cookie, eat no cookie...

7. The dog and the fish

8. A piece of sausage right on the nose

9. Treats balancing brought to the whole new level

10. Stoic dog