24 thoughts on “3D drawings on the pavement”

  1. hi…! i wonder if u can tell me litle about this piture becuse i writh about this picture and i want to know more about this pic.?

  2. The website Die Strassenmaler that I’ve linked above in the post, have tons of information on street painting. Also you can search google for “street painting”.

  3. “Then why don’t I see the cobblestones and the gaps between the tiles?”

    That’s because we sometimes paint on canvas instead of directly on the pavement. Some grounds are impossible to paint on with chalk.

  4. wow this picture rocks!
    its not photo shoped cause there are loads like it and they are so cool! are there any more pictures you could show us?

  5. wow that awsome i like art and i hope its one of my new chapters in my life but i also got a band to look forward to so good luck beating that drawing lol.

  6. Look up Julian Beever on google or whatever and you will find all of his drawings, you think this is good…. look at the others

  7. I’m a drawer my self but yet I think its out of my skill level
    so I am just going to stick with architecture. @(^_^)@
    nice need for speed most wanted car.

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