5 more ideas for Kameraflage

Shiny Shiny gadgets blog have a nice story about Kameraflage technology – the way of putting invisible for naked eye signs that are visible on the digital photos and video recordings. Find more about this amazing technology and a couple of ideas how to use it here.

Kameraflage working example

I have five more ideas for Kameraflage:

1. This technology could help to stop video piracy. Very often video pirates taping movies with a digital camcorder. Nor bans nor fees can’t stop them. Sometimes new blockbusters appearing in the peer 2 peer Torrent-like networks weeks before official distribution date. If the pictures company put the big invisible for naked eye “Pirated copy” sign in the center of the screen, it will make pirated movie even more uncomfortable to watch.

2. Really romantic idea: put “Will you marry me?” Kameraflage sign on your T-shirt and ask somebody to take a shot of you and your girlfriend or boyfriend.

3. Nasty electorate manipulation: put Kameraflage Republicans ads on Democrats posters. Or vice versa.

4. Guerrilla real estates ads. Will work great for estates near the famous landmarks.

5. If you are public person it’s a nice way to promote your personal blog.

Have you any more ideas? Please, share them here…

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