7 Reasons why you MUST visit Sighisoara, RO

Dracula’s hometown located in the heart of Romania, Sighisoara is a small charming place covering the historic region of the country, with a population of 28,102 according to the 2011 census.

The city administers seven villages: Angofa, Aurel Vlaicu, Hetiur, Rora, Soromiclea, Venchi and Viilor and they’re all amazing! Sighisoara is becoming a more attractive tourist destination lately because of many reasons but today we’ll discover only 7 most important of them. Scroll down and see why you MUST definitely put this lovely little colorful town on your travel list immediately!

1. The charming colorful infrastructure
2. The Clock Tower
3. The Church on the hill
4. The cemetery that’s totally creepy but so alive and ‘green’
5. The Vlad Dracula’s house
6. The sights
7. Why not?

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