A man without brain has worked for government for decades

Tiny brain of the government employee44-year-old French civil servant went to the hospital with mild pain in his left leg. Research ( computed tomography scan and MRI) have shown that he virtually have no brain.

Being an infant he has suffered from hydrocephalus – too much cerebrospinal liquid on the brain. But by the age of 14 all hydrocephalus treatment was ended and he has no significant health problems till nowadays.

He has a wife and two children, working for government for two decades and his IQ is 75 – pretty low but enough to be the “our guy” among his colleagues.

I wonder if this French Homer Simpson the only one without brain in the government? How much Homer Simpsons are ruling us now? Not matters what country. I think if you’ll overview the laws of your country, you can find a lot of signs that point to the people with extraordinary low IQ for their job.

If we only can to send all of them to the computed tomography to find out if they have some brain, we could prevent them from such responsibility, responsibility for our lives. But it so politically incorrect!

Zombies are playing their flutes and we are all dancing.

One thought on “A man without brain has worked for government for decades”

  1. Well, George W Bush is a prime example of a man without a brain. But he’s still your man, though. Doh!

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