Accidental optical illusions

While we are the smartest creatures on our planet, our brain is far from perfection. Sometimes (and pretty often, I’d say) our brain is playing a joke on us. As the famous astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson said: “We’ve all bought and enjoyed books called “Optical Illusions”, right? We all love optical illusions. But that’s not what they should call the book. They should call them BRAIN FAILURES. Okay? Because that’s what it is! It’s a complete failure of human perception.”

1. Accidental optical optical illusion

2. The stream that's flowing uphill. Photo by Owen Rudge

The stream is the photo above is actually lower then the road to the right and it flows not uphill but downhill, like any other normal stream.

3. Parking lot optical illusion. Photo by zen Sutherland

The rows on this parking lot are perfectly parallel, but when you’ll take a look from above…

4. Not so accidental optical illusion by Lorenia

5. This pavement is perfectly flat. But you can choose to believe to your brain. Photo by Georg Scholz

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