Albino Cats

Albinism—a genetic defect of melanin production, causing the close to none pigmentation of the skin, eyes and hair—occurring among all animals including humans and humans’ best friends—cats.

albino cat

Albino cats could be easily mixed up with the pure white cats just like in the case of albino dogs I have noted not so long ago. The rule is the same way simple—look into the cat’s eyes. If they are light colored, very slightly pigmented, you are looking into the eyes of the real albino cat.

albino cat with bicolored eyes

In cats, who’s eyes are often bi-colored (like one eye is blue and the other one—orange), the lack of pigmentation could be visible only in one eye, while the other could be pigmented the same way as in normal cat. Pretty interesting factoid and one more proof that the cats are special.

albino cat

albino cat

albino cat

albino cat

albino cat

Albino cats are eating the same food, loving the same catnips and appreciating the same care as the normal cats. In terms of behavior they are totally the same. Well, may be they would prefer the albino mouse to hunt for?

albino mouse

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  1. I have noticed with my own albino cat that it isn’t just the light, silvery eye color, but the reflecting glow from the pupil is different…shining in red only, never in green like most cats.

  2. i have 3 cats with two different colored eyes and two more cats with bright blue eyes, all of them are white

  3. Most of these aren’t albinos. Albino cat’s eyes don’t have black pupils, they have red, pink, blue, or rarely purple eyes that look like they have no pupil or a little bit darker pupil of the same color. Cats with light blue eyes are just white cats. Only one of these cats (the one with all pink eyes) is an albino (other than possibly the ones with their eyes closed), the ones with red pupils and blue eyes are just the red eye effect from taking the picture.

  4. Cats are only albino if they have red, pink, or blue eyes that have a pupil the same color or darker. All of these except one (and maybe some with their eyes closed) are normal white cats or red-eye effect from taking the picture. Only the one with all pink eyes is a real albino.

  5. We live at a fish hatchery and some people who would rather dump their have their cats neutered. Because of that, I have a red eyed, neutered male cat about 5years old. A result of a pure black mother cat and multicolored male. Unfortunately we realized that there had been other albino babies born from the same linage. When my son cleaned the fish area he found 2 other kitten’s bodies. We had also given a female from a prior litter to a family. Who only roamed her farm at night and slept all day. My cat also is a ” night” cat. Bright lights are the bane of an albino cats existence. The same mother and father had a solid black female kitten who unfortunately bred back to her father. In her litter she had 2 albino babies, 1 male and 1 female. All of these cats were born Feral Cats. A lady wanted both of those babies (a person can only have so many feral albino cats before you start seeing people sneaking in the bushes). I feel very strongly that both male and female cats should be neutered ASAP. This is a defect not something to be bred. I love my little Snowflake but I feel very sad when I watch my little guy shut his eyes very tight while he tries to inch his way into a sunny patch on my rug. They are also very sensitive to temperature. Added another air conditioner and heater in his main choice of room (his choice not mine). If you get the opportunity to have an Albino, please have your cat neutered. They are difficult to raise as people can leave doors open making for a cat chase or if it gets into the woods a cat that gets eaten by a predator or dies of cancer because of short coats and no protection from the sun. Please be responsible don’t be swayed by money to try and breed these cats for the all mighty dollar. I one time caught and had 13 cats ( including the mother and father Of all the albinos) neutered. And returned to the wild. Had a cougar in the area and all cats not living in a house was eaten by something. PLEASE, PLEASE don’t dump animals. They don’t just skip off into the forests to live happily ever after!

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