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Despite the fact that albinism is equally rare among all vertebrates from humans to fish and birds, the real albino dogs are even rarer due to two reasons. The first reason is that the most “albino” dogs pictures on the internet depicting pretty normal dogs with white fur. The second one — it’s a bit hard to figure out if your dog is real albino.

The most visible effect of in-born genetic deviation known as albinism is the lack of pigment melanin in skin, hair and eyes. However, most of the time even in albinos’ eyes are enough pigment to make them look not freaky pinkish red, so not all albinos have red eyes. This is true for humans, for dogs and any other creature affected by albinism.

Most normal dogs are black. Their fur could be even white, but underneath they are all black from nose to tail. If you want to determine the real albino dog, look at its nose — it should be light pink in color. Not like pig’s snout but much lighter and cleaner looking. But this is not enough. Another thing you should note is the dog’s eyelids. Albino’s eyes could be pretty dark but the eyelids will tell everything. Here are some examples:

real albino dog

This is real albino dog. You can say it by its nose and eyelids color. Note that the skin of this dog is the same light pink color as its tongue and lips. Though, the eyes aren’t red at all, they are lighter than the normal dogs’ eyes.

fake albino dog

This is fake albino. Or, better to say, not albino at all. This is pretty normal and very handsome American Eskimo with snow white fur which is common for the bread. Note its charcoal black eyelids.

Here more examples of the real albino dogs:

albino dog

albino dog

albino dog

albino dog

albino dog

And the rare of the rarest — half albino half normal dog:

half albino half normal dog

Patti Pierson has sent us the picture of her 11 month old puppy with the following note: “I came across your article in regards to albino dogs. I am sending a picture of my comet he is now 11 weeks old and his eyes are light blue skin light pink and his pads of feet are pink as well, he has no black on him anywhere. He was the only puppy born in the litter. Please let me know what you think?” So, can you help Patti to find out if her dog is a real albino?

Is this dog a real albino? Photo by Patti Pierson

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  1. I got a half sider budgie and that’s a rare bird but the surprise is that it has a one eye Ino and one eye regular !

  2. It looks like most of those dogs still have some pigment. The one with the spot over the eye is not half albino. You can’t be half albino any more than you can be half pregnant.

  3. You should probably do some fact checking before you write an article, not to be ignorant but there are many forms of albinism so your not entirely incorrect, however you do not explain that, Oh yeah and the Merle Greatdane has NOTHING to do with being albino, it is a double Merle gene that makes them look that way.

  4. I am amazed at the differences in Albino dogs. I have been searching for as much information on Albinism after rescued an albino puppy around 8 weeks old. I volunteer at Animalandia in Loreto, Mexico BCS a free clinic for spaying and neutering/vaccines for the many dogs and cats that roam the streets.
    After having A. Von Keizer, the A stands for ALBEENO for 2 weeks I almost fainted when I came in and found that the mother of Albeeno had been picked up after being abandoned much like her son. There was no doubt that she was his mother…and she was pregnant. Katie Von Keizer is now a member of our family and we will be keeping any of her puppies that are born Albino. Of course all the dogs, regardless if they are albino will be spayed and neutered for their protection.
    I had been a medical aesthetician for many years with Melanoma Facts & Education as my passion…or obsession would be more accurate. . If I had not been a volunteer for Animalandia along with my expertise in Melanoma and diseases of the skin, the precious dogs would have been euthanized. I cannot describe the feeling of finding such a treasure because they are so rare and require extensive care. We also have Sugar Bear, 85 lb. pit bull, 2 years old and partial albino…pure white with black spots on her skin…not her coat with dark eyes in big pink orbitals…

  5. Half-albanism isn’t a real condition – I know it’s called piebald in snakes, though, as I studied snakes extensively when buying one, and I suppose that could be true of dogs.

  6. i have a dog just like the the dog pictured on the porch swing. I had my dogs dna tested and he is 25% american staffordshire terrier, 12 1/2 % bull dog, but the remainder of his heritage wasn’t identified. I was told that when testing dna on pitbulls, only 4 or 5 breeds are looked for. My dog’s name is Shug. I call him Sugar Bear. I love him too much because he’s “sweet as sugar”. He looks like a smaller image of the dog I am asking about. My Sugar Bear is 1 and 1/2 years old and weighs approximately 60 to 65 lbs.
    I really want to know about the breed of the dog on the porch swing .

    I would really appreciate some information that may give me more insight into caring for my Sugar Bear.

    Thank you.

  7. These are all beautys but NONE are albino! Albinos MUST have the pink eyes, not blue.. other wise there would be many ‘albino’ animals. The dog with the two girls, is definatly not albino.. note the champangey skin tone.. albino have NO pigment at all

  8. A lot of this, including the responses, are very incorrect. NOT all albinos have pink eyes. But no albino will have green eyes. There are 2 types of albino, tyrosinase negative and tyrosinase positive. T-negative albinos will produce no melanin whatsoever and will generally be the pink eyed, solid white animals we are used to as “true” albinos. T-positive albinos have highly reduced melanin production, and may still have slight markings and blue eyes. Partial albinos are basically piebald animals….it is removal of melanin in patches.

    The white dogs above with green eyes are white dogs with the chocolate gene….white dilutes the coat to white with black pigment and dark eyes…the chocolate gene dilutes the skin to pink, and the eyes to green. The champagne colored dogs have both the blue gene and chocolate gene…the two colors counteract eachother to produce a pale champagne color with the chocolate gene once again causing pink skin and pale eyes.

    The white dogs with pink skin and blue eyes, may be true albinos, but there are other ways to get blue eyes too, so it is hard to say.

    1. Thank you for correcting and clarifying these mistakes or oversights. I have only been researching albinism for a short time, and in reading this info, I knew something wasn’t correct about much of this info! Everything you mentioned is as exactly as I thought it should be. As a breeder, I do not like wrong information, and color genetics can be confusing! My main goal was to find out whether a true albino ALWAYS has pink eyes, or if there can be an instance of pale blue. Thank you for your helpful information!

  9. being the owner of 2 true albino dogs…both rescued…and 2 that are white with the dark eyes…also rescued….I can tell anyone the “TRUE” test to knowing the difference from true to partial albinism…take then outside in the sun and if they leave their eyes open they ARE NOT …if they squint them shut THEY ARE….

  10. I took Comet outside and he does blink all the time in the sunlight, his eyes are a very light blue and the center of his eye has a red color to it , which you can’t see from picture so I do think he is a Albino dog.

  11. There is no such thing called ‘partial albinism’.

    Albinism affects the whole organism. Albino = Melanocytes(producing pigment) are where they should be, but cannot produce any pigment because a special hormone is missing.

    Piebaldism, or Leuzism, affects parts of the organism(is partial). Piebald = Melanocytes are not where they should be(have not emmigrated) but can produce pigment.

    Just wanted to point that out.

  12. I think thats sad what happend to that poor dog.They dont deserve to be like that.
    Poor things.

  13. Ita kinda cool,BUT not cool cos they dont want to be like that,and some can’t have babys
    cos there is something wrong with them.Me persunally think thats sad.

  14. Re: half albino’ism

    Is it possible from the perspective that perhaps dogs can be chimeras, just like humans and have two different types of dna?

  15. i hve an albino small dog and she is the smartest dog there is love her to death.she is young and is learning hand signals. and to stomp the floor either means no no or come here

  16. Thank you so much for creating this site. It was incredibly helpfull. I’ve had people ask me all year if my Pit bull is albino as her skin lacks all pigment. Her vet advised me to keep putting sun screen on her to avoid skin cancer. Natrurally, I got curious as to what would qualify her as albino. Due to her beautiful brown eyes, and black nose (the only color on her whole body) I’d say she’s not albino.

  17. I don’t understand why people think that these dogs are “suffering” if they squint in the sunlight . I am of Swedish descent, am blond with pale green eyes and I squint in the sunshine. I don’t feel that I am suffering. Also, my white Doberman with blue eyes doesn’t’ t mind . We wear shades! Plus, she is a diva and wouldn’t’ t dare spend too much time in the sun. It causes wrinkles!

  18. To really be albino, they have to have a pink, red, or blue eye, with a pupil the same color or a little darker.

  19. As crazy as it sound I got my albino mixed puppy for free at a garage sale. And I am surprised how many help books there are out there and other people with albinos. Precouis Marie is my only albino I have had. I have so many questins. I was told that they get mean is this true ? Should I put clolthes on her as well as sun block? Which is better for baby or toddler next month she’ll be year old. Is it normal for her to think shes part human and cat ? And he best friend is a pittbull but all the dogs she has meet has been very careful with her ? Is it safe to take her swimming? Aside of being albino she is more hyper than any puppy I have ever had is it her being mixed?She is pom,chi,aust shephard,poodle,all shots done and fixed her dr office just loves her.My email address is I have many more questins.

  20. I have a pit she looks pink to me and her eyes are so light everything pink and white but her nose its brown. It started off pink with brown dots as she got older its brown with pink spots on the top help me out where do i take her to find out email me at also if you know your facts I will send a picture of her

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