All Things Angry Birds

The astoundingly popular mobile game Angry Birds may be not that loud, but it sure been here for much longer than another craze of the year passed—Gangnam Style. In Finland, where the game was developed, it become some kind of a cult. From now on, when someone say “Finland” people will be recalling not only a burning hot Molotov Cocktails and virtually indestructible and cheap Nokia phones. Angry Birds and Finland became synonymous, and Finns are taking everything from this unexpected fame. Just look at all these Angry Birds products they have in their stores:

1. Angry Birds branded HDMI cables and bicycles

2. Angry Birds board games

3. Toy slingshot and the Angry Birds colored yearbook

4. Angry Birds coffee by Finland's most known coffee company Paulig

5. Angry Birds rugs and towels

6. Angry Birds phone cases for Nokia phones and iPhones

7. Angry Birds chewing gum and lollipops

8. Angry Birds coffee mugs and school appliances

9. Angry Birds X360 headset and PS3 controller

10. Angry Birds plushies and smaller toys

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