All things Scream

One of the worlds most known painting—The Scream—was auctioned yesterday for the whopping 120 million US dollars thus setting the new world record for the artwork price. Painted by late XIX, early XX century Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, this masterpiece is one of the few paintings instantly recognizable by any educated person on the planet Earth.

As it often occurs to the things so wildly popular, The Scream went viral and now lives its own life in the vast spaces of our common culture, feeding our imagination and creativity.

1. Munch's The Scream birthday cake

2. The Scream man statuette in the window of the gift shop

3. The Scream graffito on the brick wall in the central Oslo, Norway

4. The Scream iPad case

5. Edvard Munch's The Scream painted with the chocolate ice-cream on the white plate

6. The Scream tattoo

7. Skrikini bottom by Marek Dolata. SpongeBob themed take on the Munch's masterpiece

8. Neon lights Scream by Cathy Cole

9. And another The Scream cake

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