Angry Birds pumpkins

Angry Birds is a small and pretty simple casual game which in the last three years went so viral, became so unbelievably popular that it is totally right to call it the Tetris, the Pacman and the Mario of our era. This little game with all its birds fighting against the pigs got a lot of attention from everywhere. And, as every really good viral thing, the Angry Birds have ignited the fire of creativity in so many people it’s impossible to list them and their creations on one page. Here is the only one of the many, but this is really good one.

A family from California got the idea when their son asked them to be an Angry Bird for the recent Halloween. The idea was met with great approval so the family began to work. In a little time not only the Halloween costume for the son was ready, but the costumes for the rest of the family and the huge, colorful and fully functional yard display. Even the slingshot is functional—you can actually launch the Angry Bird pumpkin to the pig-pumpkins’ fortress.

1. Angry Birds pumpkin

2. Angry Birds pumpkins

3. Angry Birds yard display

4. Happy boy in the Angry Bird Halloween costume

5. The whole family is posing by their creation

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