Animals driving

Domesticated animals—mostly cats and dogs—have become not only our closest friends but our constant companions on every journey in our lives. Nobody will be surprised to see a guide-dog strolling along with its poor-sighted owner. The cats are keeping the rodents at bay while serving as a walking and purring furry stress relievers.

But humans won’t be humans enough if they weren’t for more. Some are training their pets to fetch newspapers and other correspondence for them, others are going further—trusting their fellow four-legged partners to deliver the beer. And a few bravely trustful ones are letting their pets to hold the steering wheel.

1. Huskies on the ride

2. A dog is driving a Chevy Blazer

3. Tiger on a Range Rover

4. Dog driving. Photo by Glen Edelson

5. Driving dog caught at the parking lot. Photo by Matt Wakeman

6. That's how the average NYC driver looks like. Photo by Dave Fletcher

7. Dogs gone camping. Photo by Shawn Shillington

8. At the parking lot, waiting for its owner to drive her home. Photo by Cindy Seigle

9. Dog drive

10. Dog's driving a Yaris. Photo by Mujtaba Al-Mamun

11. Dogs do parking much better than humans do. Photo by Jeremy Evans Thomas

12. Dog's driving. Photo by Elisha Marshall

13. Unfortunately, the cats are way too small to hold the steering wheel—they could only be trusted to push the pedals. Photo by Jacob Davies

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