Animals vs. Traffic

How many times when you are spending your precious time in the traffic jam can you realize that the jam is caused not by the flipped over truck, other kind of accident or just a pure human stupidity, but by the nature itself? The big, smelly (and probably tasty) piece of nature.

It happens all the time in Dakota, both North and South:

Bison on the road

Bison on the road somewhere in the South Dakota

Bison on the road

But bisons are pretty common on the roads of the United States. The closer you are to the Yellowstone park, the greater chance they will put you in the middle of the traffic jam. They are just like those rednecks on the huge trucks covered from wheels to roof with religious bumper stickers. Kind of a normal thing of life. But how about zebra?

Zebra on the road

Or two lizards fighting?

Two lizards are fighting on the road

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