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  1. im from bude and that is 1 hell of a carp mate.
    the ones from bude are not that big only 20lb or so!!!!!!

  2. DUDE that is huge is it prego it sure looks like it any ways good luck and i hope u had lots of fun cetchin it..!

  3. that carp is tiny what the fuck how is that big i can catch bigger with my hands and have u ever tryed a carp giving you head!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thats a nice size fish that m8 im 13 and i go fishing at the resoivours and carp pons but neva cought as big as a that my biggistis 16lb at witton park ponds

  5. that is one hell of a fish im 14 i caught 17lb carp at drayton but i could never dream of catching a fish like that

  6. Dat is a sik fish how the hell did u get that in n wot bait did u use live humans? lol email me bk n tell me plz n where did u catch it like what city kinda thing

  7. thats a cracker im 14 i go fishing all the time my parents say im addictid my persanol best was in apex witch wayed 28.4 lb well done

  8. everyone who commented here is seriously fcking stupid who wants to catch a carp? they’re useless, they’re junk fish and you can’t eat em unless you want to spend forever picking out the mud veins in their flesh but whatever floats your boat. this is like the only sweet carp just because it’s massive ha nice catch bro =]

  9. i like cheese baked in a paper oven with beansprouts
    and over weight chimps with athleets foot and mushrooms groing out of his ears

    by the way nice fish

  10. i just fish catfish but carp too my record its 27kg and my catfish record its 293kg anyway this a a great fish

  11. hello there lovely common wer did you get it france,germany,iran wot bait did you use boiles chic peas or ground bait my biggest carp is only 33lb 4oz caught on a hair rig email back to let me no wot you caught it on

    thanx james

  12. Wow!! what a big fish you caught, where did you find it,natural ecosystem or aquaculture? can it be big like this in aquaculture!? If it is so,no hunger

  13. WOW!!! that is a huge fish, i bet that took ages to land it, my biggest fish is a 29lb 8oz, well done.

  14. that is 1 hell of a carp! uhad fun catching it!’m catching sunfish here in maryland! i love to fish but i never catch anything and i fish everyday…maybe today is my lucky day. i get back to you w/ that!
    P.S. i catch about 100 sunnys aday and fall in about 10 times a day. it sux around here. talk to you all later.

  15. I love the face yer makin in the pic’s. you should email me, hottie. maybe you can come fish in my pond one day?
    i’ll give you a good time.

  16. what were u doin in the first picture bro.
    u look like my friend sara’s grandpa when he is on the toliet.

  17. nice catch.. were you using a doughball or corn as bait?

    My friends went fishing and caught 42 fish!!!!

    They could’ve caught more but their van was full, lol!

    They gave us a few and like invited the whole neighborhood for dinner!!

  18. u got all these people slaggin u off im only 17 and ive bin fishing since i was bout 4 and i can tell u that i have seen big carp but trust me mate that is a huge catch, i do a lot of carp and canal fishing that’s all i like neway, let me know where u caught that and what bait u were using im off fishing now so if u write back i’ll read it later

    cheers Alex

  19. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt, m***r f***rs huge mate, where did you catch it, caught anything else like it?????????

  20. Massive fish my biggest fish is 11bs when i was fishing for perch on single magott great fish i bet that took while to reel inps im only 10

  21. ok ive caught some jumbo fish and ive put most of them in my dish but thats amasingly amazing

  22. thats fucking tiny mate caught bigger than that in my local res and his name was carl, carl the whale. toped my scales out at 369 pound and i wasnt streaning like i needed a shit i even said cheese with ease. pussey

  23. Hi I’m chris Thomas that’s a huge fish well done how long was u there fof before u caulght that lovely common carp my pb is only 16lbs but I’m hoping for bigger in the new fishing season

  24. great looking fish m8 dont matter what they weigh when they look like that.everyone wants to catch a monster but for me its about the quality of fish ya catching!this is a german fish right and caught on the v2 pop ups,not a bad bait had a few on it my self.anyways tight lines m8.

  25. oh…my…gosh…that is so big…what did you use for bait…i caught a 3 inch carp last week and i said its big…but that is a real record…oh yea and where did you get it at…i mean the places…one day ill catch one that big or even bigger…now you’re the champ…hehehe…

  26. I’m more than impressed love carp fishing in Australia that one makes my 17kilo look like a tadpole. Well done old son nath

  27. That carp is def huge!! great catch! and to some of you asking if its pregnant, chances are probably not, its probably a female because most carp u can determine what sex it is by its dropped belly(not to be confused with pregnant) because the female carp continously eat. that and its probably old.

  28. Fair play what a catch!!!! Where was that from,and how much does it weigh mate? And what bait did you use….
    My biggest is only 21lb that looks easy 60lb??..

  29. Wow thats small, i’ve f***d more fish than i have women, everyone in here needs to learn how to spell; you’re all fa**ots and you speak chinese. Cheers.

  30. Well, I have read the Guinness’ book of records an haven’t seen this case there. Is this is real record? I mean this carp is really big but is it really the biggest carp ever caught?

  31. wonder if there is any eggs in that thing?wonder what they would look like?
    PS:how much does it weigh?

  32. thats a huge carp. ones that big are normally too smart to catch. the biggest ones i’ve seen are only half that size at maybe eighty pounds.

  33. don’t eat that disgusting fish. they taste awful. and for those who want to know what to catch them on, find the most disgustingly smelly thing you can find and go even nastier.

  34. I have never ever seen that big of a carp in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE CAN NOT BELIVE IT

  35. I did a lot of Carp shooting,with a bow & arrow w/attached reel w/ 110 lb test line using special fish arrows.The biggest I ever landed was 36″ long 21 lb. I shot them bigger but,could not land them, they took all my line & arrow pulled out.There used to be contest’s for the biggest carp gotten with a bow. Also I used to get hugh snapping turtles at the same time.In the Meadville,Pa swamps. Was a lot of fun.

  36. I think those potty mouths should learn how to spell, and have their mouths washed out with soap.
    I think you should have put more information on fish, weight, length,
    bait used, and where it was caught.

  37. yes that is large ol carp I have one in my fishing hole where iv been fishing since i was just a kid and iv hung it several times there is no getting it out it goes into fast water and breaks off every time iv thought about shooting it with a 270 or somthing lol

  38. And those lil ol potty mouth punks need they little ol mouth wash out with a fire hose and dish detergent lol That would be so much fun lol ha! ha! ha! ha!

  39. the carp wighted in at 68900 lb and was caought on a a coat hanger huck also the bait i used was live dinasaures as it the smallest thing i could deal with for what they eat lol
    i used sweetcorn over grows witch are bigger than the fish , god noes were they put it all. its at coops corner fishery in hitchin (hertfordshire) and took me 467 hours to get this fish in its small to me as i caught 67 times the size of that in a pond mait ha ha ha that fish is fake any way man its rubber plus the under neath is pale yellow and should actually be grey or brown posibly black mait im 456 yeaars old and fish every day of my life ha ha ha joker nah man its bless

  40. that fish is just about the size of my d**k hahaha nah jks the biggest carp ive ever caught is 8 pounds..

  41. thats alot of sushi… yum….yea….. hang on, can you make sushi outta carp? anywayyyy wat bait did u use, must have been pretty fat to lure that giant. XD

  42. Once ok went out to sea after shark put big Pig leg on size 2 hook with thin cable wire cast out 3 hours later 600 lbs fucking wale

  43. Jesus mate, thats amazing. I know somebody whos caught a carp of 56lb in france but thats nothing.
    I heard the world record was 99lb. So there you go!

  44. Hunting big carp is no joke!! Great catch Dieter, Congrats!! My personal best is currently 32lb, caught in 1987, battling ever since improving on that …. (no joke). Lost many monsters bitches ….
    In my language : “Dit is ‘n moerse mooi vis daai, Bliksem!” That is a very !@#$%^ nice fish, f^&&**^$!
    Next world record will come from South-Africa …!! Mark my words… , hopefully caught by myself !! What is the current World record Carp? Take care!

  45. can i just say ,,one ,two ,three,four ,five once he caught a mother fucker common carp alive,
    he pulled it to the right ,he pulled it to the left ,he smiled for the camera ,but he had bog breath………………wooooop

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