Ashera $22G cat

This graceful tiger colored feline is the Worlds most expensive cat – Ashera. This kitten will cost you $22,000 plus $1,500 more for shipping.

Ashera cat

Named after the Hebrew goddess Ashera cats are actually the hybrid of African wild cat and common domestic cat. Despite their price and beauty you can feed them with usual feline nutrition. I think if you can afford 22 grands worth cat, you won’t save pennies on food for her.

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  1. Guess I’m lucky, I found one that was abandoned at an animal shelter and adopted her. We only paid 40 dollars for the paperwork and what not. Her front claws were declawed and she was spayed already, but otherwise. I recognized immediately that she was not a normal housecat with the markings, but I had no idea what she was….

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