Asian Leopard cats

Asian Leopard cats nowadays are the most numerous wild cats specie on our planet. Also, they are the most genetically close to the ancient specie domestic cats came from. In India, where the Asian Leopard cats population is particularly large, the wild females are often mating with domestic males living among people in villages. The hybrids are known as Bengal cats.

1. Asian Leopard cat

Today various breeders offer the tamed Leopard cats for cat lovers around the globe. However, in many countries you have to have a license to keep a wild Leopard cat at home. This could be fixed up by getting the cub of the tamed Leopard cat in first, second or third generation. They are marked as F1, F2 and F3 respectively.

Wild Leopard cats are a little bit larger than a common domestic cats. Their fur ranges in color, but the most common variety is the sand-colored with a lot of black markings—dots all over the body.

2. Behind the bars of the cage: Asian Leopard wildcat

4 facts about Asian Leopard cats

1. Asian Leopard cats’ area of habitat is so wide that the same specie has several different names. Among them are Asiatic wildcats, Asian steppe wildcat, Indian desert cat.

2. The main prey of the wild Leopard cats are the small rodents, but the mature cats can hunt and kill cobras, vipers, small boas and even scorpions.

3. Wild cats are mostly nocturnal predators, but the Leopard cats are often spotted hunting in broad daylight. That brings their behavior even close to the domestic cats.

4. The famous Ashera Cat, the newly bred wildcats hybrid that costs between 22 and 28 thousand US dollars for a cub, is a crossbreed of the Asian Leopard cat, domestic cat and Serval.

3. Asian Leopard cat caught on camera in its natural habitat

4. Asian Leopard cat in the Zoo

5. Asian Leopard cat

6. Asian Leopard cat cub

7. Pale colored Asian Leopard cat

8. Asian Leopard cat

9. Asian Leopard cat

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