Incredibly beautiful Australian sky

When you look at these photos, you believe that Australian sky is unique.

This continent differs from any other on Earth. The sky above it is marvellous as well. We want to present you some amazing images of Australian sky, captured by various people.

Phillip Calais
1 Photo: Phillip Calais / Via
Mike Salway
2 Photo: Mike Salway / Via
Graeme L. White, Glen Cozens, James Cook University
3 Photo: Graeme L. White / Glen Cozens / James Cook University / Via
Gerry Duke
4 Photo: Gerry Duke / Via Facebook: bureauofmeteorology
5 Photo: EverythingBefore / Via
Mick Petroff
6 Photo: Mick Petroff / Via
Bureau of Meteorology, Festival of Sails Regatta
7 Photo: Bureau of Meteorology / Festival of Sails Regatta / Via Facebook: bureauofmeteorology
Dan D’Mello
8 Photo: Dan D’Mello
GAMunroe Photography
9 Photo: GAMunroe Photography
Josh Janssen, Creative Commons
10 Photo: Josh Janssen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mediaflex
11 Photo: AAP / Brian Cassey
Steven Delaney
12 Photo: Steven Delaney / Via
Kate Farrell Beadel
13 Photo: Kate Farrell Beadel / Via Facebook: victorianstormchasers
Antti Kemppainen
14 Photo: Antti Kemppainen / Via
Paul Yonna
15 Photo: Paul Yonna / Via

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