Actually NSFW pictures

Through the centuries the work place safety was improving gradually. You would be shocked how dangerous it was to be a factory worker in the early days of the industrial revolution. Or how many horrible ways you may die if you would serve on a ship of the East India Company.

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Max Ellis’ funny squirrels

Professional photographer and illustrator Max Ellis spent 20 years working for the world’s most popular magazines and the world’s biggest advertising agencies. But it looks like the true fame and glory he will achieve with the photos of the squirrels who live in his own backyard. Apparently, those little furballs are more perky than many top models.

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Autoworld Museum In Brussels

In the center of Brussels, in the beautiful Cinquantenaire Park, planned by the king Leopold II himself to commemorate the Fiftieth anniversary of the Belgian independence, there is one of the oldest exhibition complex in Europe. It is called Cinquantenaire Palace. For more than a century it was a home for the most interesting exhibitions Brussels ever saw.

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Like cat and dog

Cats and dogs are supposed to hate each other, right? Not in the case of these sweet little fellows. They are definitely one of those happy exceptions.

Look at the photos of them their owner, reddit user blacky_tat took. Mango and Lucy look like a perfect couple.

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Albino dogs

Despite the fact that albinism is equally rare among all vertebrates from humans to fish and birds, the real albino dogs are even rarer due to two reasons. The first reason is that the most “albino” dogs pictures on the internet depicting pretty normal dogs with white fur. The second one — it’s a bit hard to figure out if your dog is real albino.

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