Autoworld Museum In Brussels

In the center of Brussels, in the beautiful Cinquantenaire Park, planned by the king Leopold II himself to commemorate the Fiftieth anniversary of the Belgian independence, there is one of the oldest exhibition complex in Europe. It is called Cinquantenaire Palace. For more than a century it was a home for the most interesting exhibitions Brussels ever saw.

In the Southern wing of the palace Autoworld museum could be found. On the two floors of the spacious old building (they surely call it palace for a reason) more than 250 vehicles dated from the late 1880’s to the early 1990’s are displayed.

Many of them are Belgian makes like Minerva, FN, Nagant, which are, unfortunately, no longer in auto-business today. The others represent everything good (or bad, but notable) that happened to automotive transport from its early days to the present.

Audi Quattro exposition in the Autoworld Brussels
1. Exposition “35 Years Audi Quattro”

Audi Quattro exposition in the Autoworld Brussels
2. Exposition “35 Years Audi Quattro”

Messerschmitt KR200 on display in the Autoworld Brussels
3. Messerschmitt KR200. In the 1955 German manufacturers used their aviation experience to build affordable cars.

Belgian police Porsche displayed in the Autoworld Brussels
4. Belgian police was driving Porsche before it was cool.

5. Nothing could ever compare to the mid century american cars like this…

Cadillac on display in the Autoworld Brussels
6. …or like this.

Jeep Willys and Volkswagen T82
7. The rivals: Volkswagen Type 82 and Jeep Willys Type MB

Minerva hood ornament
8. Old Minerva hood ornament

Detroit EV on display in the Autoworld Brussels
9. The range of the 100 years old electric vehicles is just twice as shorter as the range of the modern ones

Packard hood ornament
10. Packard hood ornament

Racing cars
11. Racing cars: the older and the newer

50 Years Mustang in the Autoworld Brussels
12. 50 Years Mustang. Crazy horsepowers…

Trabant and Renault R4
13. …and the sane workhorses. East German Trabant and French Renault R4

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