Batman graffiti

The fact that the Batman has become one of the most popular superhero shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s a saviour with the flawless moral principles, the fearless fighter against injustice of any kind, the rich who is helping the poor—the noble version of Robin Hood. Plus, he is the only famous superhero without any superhuman abilities. Mix all of these with a long list of the arch enemies each of them painted exceptionally vivid and life-like and you will get the instant success. Success that will imprint this character deep into the people’s hearts and weave it deep into our collective culture.

1. Batman sign graffiti

2. Amazing picture of the Batman's nemesis Two-Face

3. Adolescent batmen graffiti

4. Batman vs Joker graffiti

5. Batman vs Catwoman graffiti by Mad C

6. Batman graffiti

7. Elderly Batman and Robin graffiti on the barn wall

8. Joker graffiti

9. Batman graffiti

10. Playing with shadows

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  1. Your intro is a bit misleading. Bats is not the only famous hero without powers. Oliver McQueen (Green Arrow), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), and Natasha Romanov (Black Widow) are all famous superheros without superpowers.

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