Biggest Driftwood Ever Washed Ashore

Biggest driftwood in the modern history was washed ashore in the state of Washington, US. In vicinity of a small town of La Push on Olympic peninsula the huge Sequoia was found and photographed by the numerous hikers visiting Olympic National Park.

Driftwood is not something unusual for those who live by the body of water. Waves bringing different stuff, sometimes very interesting, all the time — this is the size that makes the Sequoia from the Olympic peninsula shore stand aside. Or, better to say, lie aside, since the enormous tree was uprooted by a hurricane, or erosion, or by combination of both somewhere else, in the South. Then the ocean currents and strong winds brought it north where it found its last home.

Olympic peninsula Sequoia driftwood
Olympic peninsula Sequoia driftwood. Photo by Phillip Lachman.
Sequoia washed onto the Olympic peninsula shore
Sequoia washed onto the Olympic peninsula shore. Photo by Charles.

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