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  1. That halibut is actually not the largest that was ever caught. The largestwas caught decades ago and weighed about 800 pounds. It was NOT line caught–it was snagged in some netting. A picture and news story hangs in The Hot Bite in Juneau, AK.

  2. I was a trawlerman in the the sixties,fishing out of Lowestoft & Grimsby.
    I think it was 1965, when, what at that time,was the largest ever caught halibut,was landed at GY,it came in at 39 Stone.
    My own vessel,landed a 14st halibut at the same time.
    I saw the first one being landed across the dock & I remember that it made ours look small.
    When I watch these modern ‘small’ trawlers & see the deckhands expressing their delight at what they see as a ‘BIG’ cod specimen,I think they haven’t seen any large cod.
    I could place my hand in the Gill cavity of a large cod,hold it, with it’s head upwards,my arm outstretched above my head & it’s tail would still be touching the deck.
    That’s what I call a cod,not the ‘spraggs’ that today’s trawlers pick up.
    These large Halibut would at today’s prices,be worth a small fortune,compared to the early sixties prices.
    I think that 39st Halibut was placed in the, Guiness Book of Records at the time,I am not 100% sure though.

  3. i live in juneau and i just went halibut fishing today and iv never cought a halibut before and it was a fight for a half hour it went up at the suface and back down 5 times till i tired him out he was 80 lbs and holy crap i was sore for a week

  4. hunter roberts talks in strange speak caught today sore for a week.Or did he go fishing a week ago and fell in and damaged his sense of time.

  5. i wonder how long that fish has lived? only to be caught by you brave fishermen! congratulations!

  6. there was a halibut caught in a gillnet that was estimated at 1500 lbs.I have the picture in my house, and there is a picture hanging up in macs sporting goods in sitka alaska. my uncle was on the gillnetter that caught the fish so i have some real good pictures of it…..no norwegian is gonna one up an alaskan…hahahaha better luck next time

  7. that is the biggest fish in the world im from the gunuine world records and i would know th ebiggest one the 2nd biggest one was 768 pounds good job bro

  8. I’m from this place, and i saw the huge halibut on the pire. thats just a mighty fish. you need to see it in “person”. than it’s just amazing!

  9. Last year I was in Homer Alaska, I saw a picture of a 900lb Halibut that was caught in the late 50’s…

  10. I have been a commercial fisherman for about 10 years, the biggest halibut i´ve been with catching on a Icelandic longliner was 119,5 kilograms.

  11. I bet you guys use machinery to pull that up, just imagine if you were pulling it up all by yourself, probably would wear you out like a mad dog

  12. i have relative at that place its calle sørvær if u can find it for thoose who have the english keyboard i love that place iv gotten a kod for 43.4 kilo’s thats a really big kod but they go really easy up cause the swim towards the ocean top so it was easy to catch:D

  13. I ate some of this fish. A restaurant in Devon bought the shoulders and got 2000 servings from it.
    Looks good in this picture.
    Looked better on a plate.

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