Bike Helmets in Nigeria

Nigerian bike helmets
This January Nigerian authorities have enforced bikers and their passengers to wear helmets while riding a motorbike. Since the low standards of living and the terrible traffic jams in Nigerian capital Lagos making motorcycles the most popular vehicle, the new regulations have affected really a lot of people. And a lion’s share of them (oh, forgive me such choice of words) just can’t afford a brand new US$100 helmet. So they have to improvise. Photos by Oluniyi David Ajao.
Nigerian bike helmets

2 thoughts on “Bike Helmets in Nigeria”

  1. The first pictures is obviously posed as there is a perfectly good regular helmet on the front of the handlebars. In fact, it looks new.

    Not what one could call a good fake, is it? Even Photoshop wold do better.

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