Cakes as art

Famous Russian confectioner and cake designer Jane from Saint Petersburg baking probably most fascinating and most amazing cakes in the world. You can see entire collection on her site (text in Russian). And here just some of her cakes that looks like a pieces of art. I can’t believe someone could eat them. That’s awful to crash these beauty with your hungry teeth.

Scorpio zodiac sign cake

This cake would be a great gift for someone who was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Banknote counting machine cake

And this one is for successful buisnessman who likes counting his cash, or for bank employees – they know how the banknote countuing machine looks like.

Map of Paris cake

These cakes for those who likes to travel across the world (or for Traval agencies). Here is a cake with the map of Paris center on it. And the next one – full map of India with the major landmarks.

Map of India cake
Bridge cake

Cakes in the shapes of some buildings and constructions are not a problem for Jane too.

And if you have a well known company, you can order a spesial cake like these made for DHL, Heineken beer brand and Finnish Nokian tires company:

Cake for DHL
Heineken beer cap cake
Cake for Nokian

One for Pizza Hut is very impressive:

Cake for Pizza Hut

41 thoughts on “Cakes as art”

  1. It’s not me, these cakes was made by baker from St. Petersburg. You can find a link to her website in the beginning of this post.

  2. these cake look hot and fly !!! if u made this cake u r th boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i love those cakes. I want to be a pastry chef when i grow up and those cakes look delicious and awesome.

  4. I love the cakes. It’s a piece of art! I wouldn’t want to eat it though because all the work the baker have done made it looks too good to eat. Very impressive art.

  5. (chile) hello my name is diana and cakes is beuthyfoul sobre todo la torta del puente y la de la cerbeza

  6. wow!!!! i really cant believe it.,.i think those cakes are just only a things.,.,specially the map cake.,.,the maker is very great.,.if i have a chanc to eat those cakes,.,.i don’t have a point where i can start.,.,,and i know those cakes are really yummy.,,.,.mmmmmm wew……^_^

  7. i am so gonna see if i can do the heineken cake for my school practical :P its gonna be awesome if i can (oh yeh with your permission :)) just email me if u need to talk bout nething… Cheers


  8. oh my GOD unbalieveabled cake very nice but ful of sugar i bet it takes days to make and very skillful 10/10 bet it costs a fortune lol

  9. i am getting married april 4 2009. i would to have my wedding cake make like a bud lite. he love bud lite beer.

  10. what is the beer cap made of fondant? it doesn’t really look like it is fondant. It looks so nice and smooth

  11. your cakes are mighty good but you forgot the pointy part on the tail of the scorpion don’t forget it next time

  12. this is an extraordinary work i have to appreciate it u guys r rock n fantastic lv n lik u so much n what a great thinking n what a great idea my frnds keep going on wish u good luck n my best wishes

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